Friday, February 20, 2015

Back Online Finally

So I finally got a new cell phone. I love it. I'm so overwhelmed though so I've been kind of blah lately. I still haven't even tried to get everything off of my old phone (via Bluetooth and slowly). Haven't set up all my apps, or even fully set up the phone.

Still trucking along with the insulin resistance. I've had my meds increased once so far. My original numbers were 38 for insulin and second set was 43. The normal range is 3-28 I believe is what he said. I think I'm going to try more dieting WITH the meds. I don't know if the meds alone are helping, not much if anything but maybe a better diet will help. I don't know whether to try "clean eating", "whole 30" or go back to mainly "paleo". I'm overwhelmed there too. Expecially since 80% of the recipes either require things I don't have (juicer, mixer, processor, etc) plus "good food" is twice as expensive as crappy food, and it's hard enough as it is. I just need to figure this out. I'm heavier now than I've been in THREE years (as in, I weigh what I weighed the week after I gave birth for the third time). I wasn't even this heavy when I went paleo in 2013. It's seriously depressing.

Also speaking of depressing and annoying, I'm wearing yet ANOTHER 30 day holter. Fun right? Not. I'm not entirely sure what he's looking for this time. He's trying to figure out if I'll need a pacemaker sooner than later since my NCS is accompanied by asystole. He wants to know if it drops with near syncope too. I'm not very confident in these tests and I'm always afraid of hearing "nothing is wrong" ...well, nothing *else* since we know some things ARE wrong. I just don't know. I feel like Murphy's law is on the prowl. Then again I usually do. Especially considering every time I feel even remotely bad, I either second guess if it's worth it, or something messes up. Take yesterday for instance. Took the girls to Chuck E Cheese (D had a birthday party to attend and we decided to take all, pay for is/ours and just let her take a gift/play with friends). Felt a bit dizzy. Went to a store after, tachycardia just up walking around, no hills, stairs or strenuous activity. I'd thought I'd cleared the monitor but as soon as I recorded the one, it started incessantly beeping at me. Which meant either it hasn't cleared and was full (it was) or the battery was dead (brand new) or the damn thing was broken (it happens). So great. Here I am, feeling like crud with NO way to clear/send it, and no way to keep recording. Naturally, today, when it's all fresh and empty, my NCS isn't going crazy. Granted I feel like blah, but not button worthy.

See why I hate these things? I asked for the auto trigger but he said it'd drive me crazy. What he MIGHT do,  depending on this one's turn out,  is do the implanted one. Just like the auto trigger except implanted and won't beep constantly. The only downside I see there, other than Murphy of course, is that it's implanted. I'm not keen on surgery and scars but meh. If it helps, I'll take it.

Based on that he may or may not do a pace maker. I don't know. I feel like it's not frequent enough so it'll be ignored or isn't worth it, but on the flip side, my heart DOES stop. (Omg half my post got erased! I'll try to rewrite it later >.> )

Later turned into days later. Everything I've read said a pause of 3 seconds qualifies, mine is over triple that! But I don't know about bradycardia. I know it HAS gotten low, it's dipped in my sleep but I don't know how much. I tried getting my neurologists nurse to send me the report from my sleep study to see if it showed up on that or not.

Here lately my health is completely opposite. I don't know what to do. My heart rate is still bananas, I haven't caught any brady but the other morning when I woke up it was 60. It's rarely ever that low as a norm. I've taken to keeping a pulse oximeter near me or on for short periods. My oxygen has also been traveling down. No clue what's up with that. Yesterday my hr was 176 just walking up my stairs. It was 154 just sitting in a chair. I called in some recordings to the holter monitor place and the tech who reviewed it even requested I do a "follow up" recording and call back in 15 minutes. Which I did. I'm guessing it was still concerning because he told me if it kept on to call back with further recordings immediately. I did take the 170s recording but haven't sent it in yet. My hearts been mostly behaving today which is surprising seeings as how I have a sinus cold. Yay me. Usually THAT will set off the tachycardia so that nothing can help it.

I think I'm going to basically beg for an ablation. I know it doesn't work on everyone but I just can't anymore. I know he said he'd gladly do it if he was doing a pacer but, though I'd love one if it helps, I don't see it happening. And I can't take it. This non stop tachycardia is killing me. Plus now my oxygen is dipping gradually. Plus I looked at my echo results from 2011 and I'm concerned. Long story short, I hope this month passes pretty fast. I want to get back to my doctor. More later.

Oh, ps. I ordered more compression stockings and a med alert bracelet so I'm stalking those.