Monday, April 6, 2015


So. I definitely have Hashimoto's. I haven't researched nearly as much as I'd like but I just got the definite today. Apparently my repeat labs came back the same. So now I get to add a new diagnosis and a new medicine. My levels were so elevated, my ENT started me on 112mcg. The pharmacist kept asking if I'd been on it before, if I'd had it at a different pharmacy before etc because the dose (for starting) was so high. After I explained that I have Hashimoto's and that my antibodies are SEVERELY elevated he said he felt much better. He said it should/could take about 3 weeks before I notice a difference. Ironically that's when Nurse A told me to come back to repeat the lab work (to see if the dose is helping).

The pharmacist mentioned it would help with energy and metabolism. I'm hoping that in conjuction to the insulin resistance treatment I'll feel somewhat better. Sure I'm not expecting healthy but maybe a step up from blah. And maybe a 50+ pound weight loss. I hope. I guess we will see. Now, off to research.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Another Day, Another Disorder

I'm so ... lost. I don't think that is the word I'm looking for but it's the closest I can think of. I actually started this post a week ago, after my actual appointment but the depression was just too much. I had a follow up from the last holter/event monitor I had plus I've had an auto trigger for at least 2 weeks. This monitor goes off all day every day and even at night. Sleeping, sitting, laying, standing, cooking, cleaning, everything. Whether it be for tachycardia or whatever else (I'm assuming more PACs and PVCs). I SWEAR I caught two bouts of bradycardia last time, the tech reviewing it even confirmed that while most of one strip was 75 bpm it dipped to 47. However my EP said there was nothing below 75 that it may have been artifact if anything. There's no abnormal rhythm, nothing he can actively treat. So again I'm hearing the "There's nothing we can do right now" speech. It's disheartening to say the least. I don't understand why not only did the pulse oximeter show bradycardia but the tech reviewing the strip ALSO said it dipped. If it were one vs the other ok, but both? Idk. And they haven't posted the report on the app for me to check.

I spent all day after my appointment really depressed. Like, more depressed than I've ever been over my health. That day was pretty low. I just feel like I'm at the end of the rope. Is Vanderbilt really my last option? Dr. M said on the off chance they can't help me he might have some idea, that he always has ideas but that doesn't mean they're always good ideas. That's not very reassuring. But again, it is sobering to think that you're out of options except to suffer. It makes me even more anxious and nervous for the Vanderbilt tests. What if they can't help? It's not a nice thought.

To top it off I was so upset I took the monitor off and when I finally decided to put it back on, my neighbors phone was shut off. If it's not back on soon I'm just going to take it back. The monitor fills up within 10 minutes to 2 hours. Easily.

In other news, I emailed my ENT over my previous thyroid lab results since they hadn't been posted (they use another lab instead of one in the group so it doesn't get posted on the app). They mailed me the results (normal) but I knew from research that the specific labs they ran could be normal and there STILL be something wrong. I have no earthly idea WHY someone would only run certain labs if there is a likelihood that it'll be "normal" even if you have a disorder. I emailed and asked for the second set that can show despite the other normals and guess what. They came back abnormal. They kept saying they normally don't run the second set if the first came back normal. Ever. The only reason they did is because I asked and pressed my point. My thyroid antibodies came back SO elevated, they re-ran all the tests with some extras. My antibodies came back at 2,340. The normal range is in the hundreds at max. I picked up the slip and asked why those would be soo far elevated if the others were normal and instead of saying it was a fluke or some abnormalities of the test they said either Hashimoto's Thyroiditis or Graves' Disease. Depending on this follow up set of labs. However, since the REST of my labs were normal, *they* likely won't treat it. Perhaps my primary care. Which is arguably a joke. I go to them for menial stuff or referrals. I'm still waiting on the lab results from the second set. She said I'd probably have them yesterday but no call. Then again, I'm pretty sure I got blood work for the previous tests on a Wednesday and didn't get a call until the following Tuesday. I'll give it until next Tuesday evening (same time frame) and then call/email for Wednesday. I believe it's going to show I have Hashimoto's but again. I'm not sure what anyone will do. Will it be yet another sorry for your health but you just have to deal? Guess we'll see.