Monday, April 6, 2015


So. I definitely have Hashimoto's. I haven't researched nearly as much as I'd like but I just got the definite today. Apparently my repeat labs came back the same. So now I get to add a new diagnosis and a new medicine. My levels were so elevated, my ENT started me on 112mcg. The pharmacist kept asking if I'd been on it before, if I'd had it at a different pharmacy before etc because the dose (for starting) was so high. After I explained that I have Hashimoto's and that my antibodies are SEVERELY elevated he said he felt much better. He said it should/could take about 3 weeks before I notice a difference. Ironically that's when Nurse A told me to come back to repeat the lab work (to see if the dose is helping).

The pharmacist mentioned it would help with energy and metabolism. I'm hoping that in conjuction to the insulin resistance treatment I'll feel somewhat better. Sure I'm not expecting healthy but maybe a step up from blah. And maybe a 50+ pound weight loss. I hope. I guess we will see. Now, off to research.

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