Sunday, August 2, 2015

Finally My Update From Vanderbilt

Well I suppose it is time for an update of sorts. I did go to Vandy but ... it was a giant fiasco. The day before my appointments they called MULTIPLE times. First was to tell me they DON'T have the medicine to perform one of the tests at my appointment time but would later that day or the next day. So, I could either try to squeeze it in, or extend my trip an extra day at the last minute. Then, someone else called and said my insurance wouldn't pay for anything and I'd have to pay several hundred up front for some of the tests but that one I could sign a waver and pay later. Again, last minute. Thanks for telling me I have basically LESS THAN 24 hours to come up with a few hundred dollars. Or opt out of some/most of the tests that had been ordered for 8 (EIGHT) months. THEN I get a call saying they can't figure out WHO ordered 2 of the tests. That neither Dr. B nor my EP had ordered them. So 8 months prior, some unknown entity, set up tests with no authorization and no one caught it until the day before. Keep in mind, all of this is going to hell before I had even left my house.

So the next day I go to my first appointment, check in and do what amounts to a poor mans tilt, valsalva etc. At like 9 AM. My next appointment was after 2. We go to lunch, walk around Vandy then walk around the mall. Head back and I'm sitting in the hall outside of the office where they have two tables and some chairs designated for patients. I was overheating and dizzy just relaxing and charging my phone. Around 1:15 or so (an hour before my appointment), Dr. Bs nurse, A, calls my name over the intercom. I go in and no one is there. So then she calls my phone and snottily informs me that my name had been called *several* times already. Firstly, I'm AT the door looking for you,  secondly, no you haven't, at least not this way because I was just out in the hall, not on the other side of the building, and 3rd, my appointment isn't for another HOUR. What if I'd been at lunch or with my husband giving blood or still at the bloody mall 20 minutes away?  So we get back and she's doing the basic stuff nurses do prior to doctors coming in and rattling on about trying to help speed everything up so we're not waiting all day. And then we sit in that room for over an hour waiting. You know, until past my appointment time. I'd have preferred to pass the time in the cool open hall. The best part of the entire trip (really the only good part) was the hour we spent with Dr. B working up a plan of action. If it weren't for that, the ENTIRE trip would have been a gigantic waste of time.

I don't know if they are just super unorganized or what (which is scary considering how high profile they are) but even AFTER all that, the clinic in OHIO called me to set up a visit, stating in exact words that A, Dr. B's nurse (by name) had sent out my file and a referral and that I needed to set up an appointment. NO ONE authorized that. Not Dr. B, not Vandy, not me, not my EP, NO ONE. When I enquired about it (because who am I to go against doctors orders if they feel I need to go, but no one had mentioned it to me so I figured I'd double check), Dr. B says it wasn't anyone there that it must have been my doctor. Even though I plainly stated the clinic said it was A (not a common name, either).

I left a review and the woman called once, on a Saturday while I was out, and never called back. And the number she called from was one of those disposal lines no one answers, just uses to call out.

All in all, I'd rate them 1 star. Simply because of Dr. Bs vast knowledge on this subject, the time he spent with us, and a treatment plan. If it weren't for that, Vandy would've gotten a negative/zero stars review from me. Their only saving grace was the doctor. Which that was the point of the trip so it ended well enough. Basically, I'd recommend Dr. B, but NEVER their clinic or Vandy. Maybe if he moved clinics. And changed staff.

Never. Again.

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