Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MOOOORE Migraines

So for the second time in a month I wound up back at the ER for migraines. This time I went in when it had only been 24 hours. I usually only go as an absolute LAST resort, I don't want to be THAT person but I can't do it. The whole right side of my head felt like it was being squeezed in a vice. I'd barely drank, barely ate. Ibuprofen was barely dulling it. None of that "It goes away for a few hours then comes back" bull. I was dehydrated and dizzy. I needed fluid too. I figured it'd turn into another recurrent migraine that'd be blamed on me (rebound) so I went after 24 hours. Plus this time I've been on my migraine rx the WHOLE time. Last time I thought it was triggered because I use one of those day/week planners and forgot to call in the refill and went a few days without. I've been on it since then and I'm still getting them.
The doctor (was an actual doctor, not a NP) and asked what they'd done in the past. I told him the only two times I'd been they'd given me Stadol and Phenergan. He asked if I'd ever tried Reglan, Benadryl and Toradol. I've never tried the combo but I guess he was asking if I'd ever had the meds in general. I've had Reglan before to ill effect. I went to L&D once for severe GERD symptoms and a resident refused to listen to me and gave it to me. With GERD you need a PPI (or Proton Pump Inhibitor) or it does the opposite. It felt like my throat was burning. The nurse came in expecting me to be "Yup, all better" and ran back out of the room when I said "No! My throat is burning now!" (When she asked if I was feeling better) "What do you mean burning?" "I TOLD him I have GERD and couldn't have that." Anyway, back to the present. I thought maybe he'd replace the Reglan with a PPI like Protonix (what the nurse in L&D had to give me in the other instance) but he substituted it for a low dose of Phenergan. I thought between the low dose of Benadryl and Phenergan I'd be knocked out but surprisingly I wasn't. I was super tired though. I got to the ER at 9:30P, into a room at 11:30, seen by doctor at 12:30A and home around 2:30A. With Narcolepsy, even without those meds I'd be tired.
I'm glad I didn't sleep half a week like the other med combo BUT, I guess I was hoping for a headache reset button and both times I got headaches again quick. Although I guess the second was better for less severe, less longevity (since I didn't need the sleep to recuperate/let my head heal). I know it was stupid to expect a reset button by going to the ER. I know I have CHRONIC migraines. I guess when I'm in pain I don't think straight then when I get another I'm disappointed the pain relief didn't last. Can you blame be though? Very little physical pain can move me to tears. Labor before an epidural got some tears and childbirth after a failed epidural hurt pretty bad too. I have several tattoos, I refer to them as cathartic and even tell people a few nearly put me to sleep (though some I'd rather never repeat, ow). But seriously. Big Daddy had to exert some serious counter pressure just to allow me a modicum of piece and describing my pain to mom, "It felt like I wanted to cave my skull in." I can take pain in general. I can't take pain from the time I wake up until I fitfully fall asleep, all day every day for who knows how long or when dehydrated beyond what I normally am.
The nurse tried to put an IV in just below the crook of my arm but "it didn't take". Possibly from dehydration? I'm not sure how that works but it's bruised in a streak and the darkest part is furthest from the puncture. So then she moved to my inner wrist and diagonal. That was the most awkward area I've ever had an IV to date and I'm pretty sure the bottom of my thumb has played IV host before (though that was pretty awkward, it had a purpose). It's bruised too but not as bad, I'm guessing since it actually "took"? My arm looked MUCH worse all week (the two bruises were almost connected for sine reason!) but I was embarrassed by how BAD it looked so I didn't take any pictures until today when I decided to blog except the ones I took in the ER. I'd have taken more once the IV got set up, she put the green bandage stuff on me etc but she turned the light back off for me and my phone was dying and the whole photophobia thing. Ok, I think I got some pictures, with flash where you can kind of see how large the bruise was. It's faded a whole lot now but still noticeable. It was 10x worse before now. I'm getting a slight headache and it's a minute until midnight so I'm going to try to post and sleep. Hopefully it loads. Fingers crossed since I'm trying to add 2 pictures.
And now I'm having to edit for pic errors. >.>

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance. I don't remember if I've mentioned before but certain foods make me feel bad. I need to ask one of my doctors. I asked some online friends and one thing that stood out is MSG Intolerance. Two of the foods I know I react to are Chinese food and Campbell's Chicken Noodle. According to fooducate, the soup has MSG and according to google MSG intolerance is often referred to as "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,” referring to that fact that MSG is commonly found in Asian-style foods. 

I'm not sure if that's what it is but it's EVERY time I eat those certain foods, the two mentioned and more. Every time. So logistics says it HAS to be me reacting to the food. Or rather, some part of it. I've started a food diary of sorts. I'm going to try to get a list of foods in the next month that make me react that way specifically.

Another friend said studies have pretty much proven MSG symptoms are psychosomatic or coincidence but I didn't link it to that until someone mentioned it nor did I consciously link it at first that "Hey, every time I eat x, y and z, I get weak/dizzy and have to lay down." And how would that be coincidental. Every single time. Even if it isn't MSG, SOMETHING in the food is causing me to react. Plus some people say other things are psychosomatic whereas others say it's real and it's treated. Who knows.