Thursday, May 30, 2013


So it's been 4 months since I've written. I've started to a time or two but decided against it. Ultimately there's only so many times I can say the same thing over and over before it gets old, only so many posts in which I can whine before even **I** get annoyed.

This month has been somewhat difficult for me. I had a migraine that just would NOT quit. It lasted nearly 2.5 weeks before I broke down and went to the ER. I'd called my neurologist but they brushed me off and assumed it was just a rebound headache from taking too much medicine. Only I wasn't. The bottles say no more than x in 24 hours and I was always under or at that, I just broke it up differently. Instead of 2 ever 6 hours I took 3 every 12 so I'd still be in the safe zone. And that was because the 2 weren't touching the pain. And I wasn't taking the same medicine the whole 2.5 weeks. I switched it up. You know how the bottles say discontinue if it lasts more than x days. Yea. So it's not like I took twice the recommended dosage every day for 20ish days. I took THE recommended dose or LESS for a few days then switched and took the recommended dose or less and so on and so forth.

I'm more than a little tired of doctors not believing me. Big Daddy woke me up the other day and said I was acting out a dream where I was in a club with some people, not just talking. Actual acting. He's also mentioned I've kicked him and pushed him out of the bed numerous times. My neuro just said sleep talking is normal and refuses to investigate since I'm not actually physically lashing out in my dreams but like I told her, JSmiley (or any of my kids) lays on my arm and I don't move as much. When it's just me, or me and Big Daddy, I move a LOT more. What pisses me off about that, is that is classic REM Behavior Disorder (hi, remember that's what she thought I had before the other guy said if it wasn't that it was definitely narcolepsy). See, I don't remember how much I talked about it but since I had so many other issues she thought I had RBD instead of Narcolepsy (the pulmonology sleep specialist said narcolepsy) so she sent me to the neurological sleep specialist. He asked if I'd ever acted out dreams and I didn't know if I did so I said no. So he said until proven otherwise, based on that and my sleep studies, that it was narcolepsy and not RBD. Now I'm trying to tell her I'm kind of acting out dreams (let's be real, it's embarassing telling your neurologist your husband woke you up because you were acting like a stripper in a club while you slept) but all she would say is it's normal to talk in your sleep and unless I'm hurting people it isn't an issue because the meds they use to treat RBD go against one or more of my other conditions. Story. Of. My. Life. Ok but while sleep talking is normal I'm pretty sure the rest isn't. I wish she'd take me seriously. For once.

To be continued.

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