Friday, February 28, 2014

POTS Symptoms

This is the only list I've found on POTS symptoms (in list form) and it said incomplete but you know. It's something.
☑ Lightheadedness
☑ Fainting or near fainting
☑ Visual blurring or tunnel vision
☑ Palpitations
❓✴ Tremulousness (shakiness) and weakness, especially of the legs
☑ Fatigue
☑ Exercise intolerance
❓✴✴ Hyperventilation
☑ Neck pain, also called “coat hangar pain”
☑ Shortness of breath
☑ Anxiety and panic feelings
☑ Chest pain
☑ Nausea and other stomach and digestions symptoms
❓ ✴✴✴ Acral coldness or pain (meaning in the extremities)
☑ Concentration difficulties (brain fog)
☑ Headaches and migraines
☑ Sweating problems, either too much or too little
☑ Increased heart rate while laying down
❌ Foot swelling and obvious blood pooling in the legs
❓✴✴✴✴ An increase in adrenalin levels in the blood (called norepinephrine and catecholamines)
✴Only when I'm pre-syncope
✴✴Not normally but anxiety causes it so I can't say yes or no.
✴✴✴No clue what that is. My feet hands get numb cold and tingly but I don't know if that's the same.
❌ Not as far as I'm aware
✴✴✴✴No clue
So a whole lot of ☑, 4✴ (maybe or I'm not sure, need further clarification, or explainable by other symptoms/not frequent), and one lonely not that I'm aware of/no.

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