Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Confirmed DX and Vanderbilt

I have officially been diagnosed with Insulin Resistant PCOS. I went to my favorite GYN and he did a bunch of blood tests and I got a call the next day saying my results were positive and they were calling in a prescription for me. So there's yet another diagnosis. Not sure how ever meds are working or if they're making a difference just yet. I'm supposed to titrate up to twice a day but it causes mild nausea so I was trying to acclimate myself to it.

In other news. I received my packet for Vanderbilt. It's very thorough but my appointment is 8 months away. I have two appointments so far and the letter said they'll schedule the tests and send me that too. So, let the research and countdown begin! Well, as much as a broken cell phone will allow anyway.

More later, it's time for breakfast and meds.

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