Saturday, December 20, 2014

In which, I need a vacation.

Looks like I'm just going to accumulate blog posts since WiFi isn't working.  I'll just mass post later. Today was a meh day. Big Daddy's mother is in ICU with pneumonia and infection in her blood. It's awful seeing her struggle like that. On top of that it's just been an over all stressful week. Well,  really it's been a stressful month/few months. I need a vacation or something. I can see why some people legitimately NEED drugs. I swear, if I drank, I'd probably be drunk. Or medicated but getting needed medications is pretty much like pulling teeth. I don't even try. I probably need to get back into therapy but that will probably be in the new year.

My insurance finally got reinstated (accidentally missed some paperwork when the whole family had bronchitis and when I called them they said it was all up to date, yea, no. I sent the paperwork in November and it just got reinstated today or yesterday so I had a bunch of appointments to schedule that I'd had to cancel (see previous post, 3 were scheduled, 2 I had to schedule and I have to make dental appointments for all 3 kids. I'm probably forgetting something. Ugh.

Speaking of appointments, I probably need to find my wallet. I only carry it when I have appointments so it kind of gets lost between them. Which is probably not the smartest thing to do considering it's got all our insurance cards, our social security cards and my ID/drivers license plus my birth certificate. Oops. Oh well, it's in here somewhere.

I don't think I mentioned it but I finally got my wisdom teeth removed! All four plus the molar the dentist (not the same one) left a cavity in. I was in so much pain last year and again this year. This year however the bottom right wisdom tooth (the impacted one that did the most damage) got accessed twice. Of course my insurance only covers emergency dental which yay it was covered. I'm so glad they are gone. SO glad. So now my migraines are simply migraines, not a result of my teeth. JSmiley needs some dental work and SDiva does as well. They've been talking braces for months (probably over a year). Even more so now because of the fall she had this summer.

I'm so exhausted though. I've been up and a bit more active. Just a bit, but it's still exhausting. The thought of all those appointments back to back is daunting. Appointments drain me. I don't know. I just feel so blah. I'll be back later.

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