Friday, December 14, 2012

There are no words

There are no words to describe this tragedy. I know every loss of life is horrible, but this? TWENTY murdered children. Between the ages of 5 and 10. SDiva is 6. DCourtly will be 5 in March. I just can not fathom the agony. I look at my children and I can not imagine someone hurting them like that.
The attack in Newtown, Connecticut, at least 27 dead not including the body found at a second scene, the multiple children stabbed in China. So much tragedy, so much death, so much pain.

I can not imagine the depth of most mental illnesses as I've never dealt with them, and I know they're saying he had problems. I'm not trying to vilify mental illness, but I can't excuse acts of evil. What that man did was pure evil, regardless of reasons or illnesses. He murdered 27 people or more. In cold blood. He terrorized a school and his family.  I can't get over someone murdering babies. It's monstrous. Evil. ALL the lives lost are heart breaking, but it takes a REAL act of evil to murder innocent childre, barely more than babies.

There just are no words to describe such profound loss.

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