Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Neurology and Migraines

It's been two weeks (on the 4th) and I still have a bruise. So 12 days and it's still clearly visible. The one the IV stayed in is nearly 100% gone. If not completely. I don't know what in the world happened but that is ridiculous. I don't think I have EVER bruised that bad for this long!
In other news. My neurology appointment was today. She increased my topamax to 75 mg twice a day, which both boo and yay. Hopefully it helps but boo because now I'll be taking 6 25 mg pills a day. (I'm guessing it only comes in 25 and 50, could be wrong but the nurse said that's what she was calling in.) 3 per dose. I had a headache in office so the nurse (per doctors order) gave me a shot of 60 mg Toradol in the hip. I barely felt it as opposed to the IV. It also didn't 100% cure the headache (85-90%) and it's already coming back less than 3 hours later. I'll take a nap when I'm done writing. See if that helps.
She gave me a booklet on Xyrem and wants me to think about it. I told her I would but I don't think I could with the kids. JSmiley stayed up until 2 last night and I had to get up with Big Daddy at 5 (wake him up for work) then actually get up at 5:40. Big Daddy could sleep through an earth quake so even though I'm the one dx with Narcolepsy, I'm the one who has to be responsible for everyone. Even my neuro said that isn't fair, and it isn't, but I have to do it.
I also convinced her to order a test. She didn't want to because apparently she was under the impression I had frequent flier ER miles (when I've only been 3 times for migraines). And also under the impression that my ER actually did any tests. Nope, I knew what was going on (though not why) and my ER just treats and streets so after a little discussion she agreed to check my chart to see if I'd ever had a CT and order one if not (even though I said I rarely go, I suffer in silence and the only testing I'd had was when I'd fallen, at 4). But I guess she checked because after I got my shot and was checking out the receptionist said it was ordered they just had to get a prior authorization from my insurance to schedule it and they'd be in touch. The only sucky part is, it's without contrast and my medical friend said that's their quick emergent go to, to check for head bleeds. I guess something is better than nothing but if the CT w/o contrast shows nothing will she pat my hand and go "See, it was normal." To placate me. Like all my cardiologists did, or order further tests, just to be sure. I mean she was SURE I couldn't POSSIBLY also have Narcolepsy on top of every thing else. I'm not inviting trouble but we all know every time the doctors stop at basic tests "I'm fine" but once they do the "There's one last test we can do." My dx list gets a little bit longer. We shall see.

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