Thursday, July 11, 2013

Syncope or Not

Pretty sure I passed out last night. Kind of? I'm not sure exactly what happened (like usual) but like usual lately I had a migraine all day. Took my meds as normal but it wasn't cutting it so I broke down and took some Gabapentin. It didn't over power me like it usually did (or completely take the headache away) but it helped some. Around 1:15AM I took some more. Big Daddy and JSmiley were sleeping, the other girls stayed the night with Big Daddy's twin sister. Anyway, I crawled over to Big Daddy and kind of straddled him and pressed my head against his back for counter pressure.

The next thing I know, my eyes pop open and I'm looking around in confusion/disorientation trying to figure out where I'm at, why I'm there and I roll off/over and everything is "asleep". My knees and elbows are on fire. I reach over and grab my phone and light it up. It's 2:21.

I'm laying there freaking out thinking how the hell did that happen. What just happened. Was it the NCS? But I've never lost awareness for that long. Was it a combination, passing out from NCS and the Gabapentin making me sleepy? Narcolepsy has never made me lose consciousness like that. Big Daddy sleeps through hurricanes and kind of mumbled through me trying to tell him so I gave up and just went to sleep (after my limbs woke up). But seriously. An hour? What the hell?

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