Monday, August 5, 2013

Murphy? That You?

Some days I feel like if it isn't one thing it's another. My migraines aren't getting any better. My neuro originally increased my Topamax from 50 to 75 mg and that almost literally did nothing. 100 mg dulled it to somewhat tolerable for almost a week but I could still feel it in that one spot. Then it started getting worse but my neuro wanted me on it for 3 weeks before we did anything.

My insurance, denied my doctors request for a CT scan as not medically necessary. Not sure where to go from there. I fit criteria listed on their paper denying it but the nurse said there was no point appealing it.

I'm in pain daily. And now, to top it off, I need my wisdom teeth out. I'm not even bothering upping meds until that's over with. Just have to get in to have them pulled ASAP. The whole right side of my head is in constant pain between my jaw and my migraines. I can't take much more. It's driving me crazy. I've been in near constant pain since May.

My electrophysiologist increased my Atenolol to 50 mg in the morning and left it at 25 in the evening. He offered to switch to a different brand that had a better rate of crossing the blood brain barrier but the draw back to that is that one had a higher instance of making you sleepy and that I wanted to avoid with Narcolepsy.

So my order of business:
1. Get kids off to the new school year.
2. Get wisdom teeth pulled so the crowding stops putting pressure on skull.
3. See if that helps with headaches.
4. Adjust meds/beg for further help accordingly.
5. Seriously consider a new HMO that isn't a PITA.

There's probably more but there's a drill drilling into multiple areas of my cranium. I meant to update sooner (like after each event) but I've been so irritated by everything and the pain. I'm just fed up.

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