Saturday, May 10, 2014

Holter Monitor Panics

I'm still irritated with this monitor. I did manage to send in some readings the other night. I am HOPING this thing catches something. The tech I talked too knew exactly what I was describing when I mentioned symptoms and even further completed the description for me. I'm trying not to panic but I don't know how well I'm succeeding. I still don't know what qualifies as a "push me" moment. I don't want to record a bunch of nothings.
I didn't hear anything after sending in the recording and it had 2 full days so I'm panicking about that too but it sometimes takes a little bit to get messages to/from my EP. PLEASE don't let me down.
As a side note, I really hope it's worth it. These patches are making me itch like crazy and leaving lasting red blotches. The result of 7 days is pictured. I figure by the end of the month it's going to look 4 times worse. I sincerely hope it's worth it. It looks worse in real life too. :/

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