Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Random rambles

Still 'truckin' along with the holter. I'm kind of meh about it at this point. I only push the button for big events or things that freak me out. I've decided to ask for the auto trigger. No maybe. Definitely. I don't know when I SHOULD or shouldn't push it and I'm not bothering if all the stuff I'm used to is within normal limit. So I want a long term 24/7 recorder that way it will get everything and my only anxiety will be whether or not my heart is going to act up.

Speaking of acting up. I've been working on this blog since last night. Do you know how HARD it is to mess with code on settings and features from a PHONE? Specifically a phone with a cracked touch screen? No? Ok well I won't bore you. Suffice it to say I did what I could with the patience I have and the rest can bite me. I edited some of the posts, just pictures and occasionally spacing (if I could, it wouldn't always let me). The pictures posted from my phone always show as "original size" as a default and apparently "original size" comes in two sizes. Microscopic and Ginormous. So it was messing with the layout and in turn, me. I fixed the ones visible on the front page (except the last one but hopefully this post will bump it to page 2).

I've been working on this blog post for days as well. If only I didn't have to expend any energy in order to be coherent and functional. I had the want to blog, just not the will to get it done. That happens more than I'd like and not just with blogging.

I had my appointment with Dr. S, my neuro. Overall it went well. I took my notebook with some info and rattled it off with examples and while she mentioned that the symptoms are broad and could be anything, it is all also symptoms of neuropathy. She mentioned it could also be some type of compression neuropathy, where if you compress a nerve it happens even to mild degrees. She said she couldn't remember the actual term but mentioned compression palsy (like Bells Palsy?) or something. Anyway, since I get my thyroid tested pretty much yearly and it's always normal she decided not to test that but did order a nerve (or muscle) biopsy and a nerve conduction test. Both are done there, by her, but only on Fridays so my tentative appointment is JULY 18!! They did say that they generally have cancellations so they doubted it'd take that long. They're confident that it'll be before then so they didn't even bother to print me a reminder (with my OK).

Dr. M's office (EP) is really annoying me. Last time I tried reaching them, it took me getting an attitude over voicemail to get a call back. This time, I've left 3 messages with all my info asking for an update because they told me to give it about 2 weeks and call since Vandy declined to take me (my insurance) and they had to figure it out but that it'd "slipped through the cracks". Hence ME having to call if I hadn't heard in 2 weeks. It's been over that and I called Thursday, Friday AND Monday (yesterday). During or before lunch. I know it's dependent on the doctors getting back to them and there's not many places to send me plus there's my stupid insurance but still. I'm not going to call today. I may just call twice a week. Hell maybe I should wait until I switch insurances but it'd still be under the same umbrella, just a different HMO. It's open enrollment but the different HMO wouldn't take over until July 1. I need to get that ball rolling too. I'm sick of the one I have but I have this fear that they'll be brats about covering things until the other takes over, and that I'll have the same issues as I currently do with everything needing prior authorization, denying things, not paying for some visits/procedures, and having to pay for some meds out of pocket. Granted, no insurance would be worse but this one is SO stressful.

Anyway, in closing. I have a gmail, twitter AND YouTube for this blog. The twitter is @MomWithDys. The YouTube will probably be even less regular than the twitter and blog but I wanted one blog specific for any Dysautonomia/health videos.

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