Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hypoglycemia and NCS

Today was fun. Not. Slept until almost 12, Big Daddy brought me some pancakes and syrup, and I needed a nap at 2. Woke up at 4 and just felt off. JSmiley had taken a nap with me. Mom took SDiva and DCourtly to church, they stayed the night with her last night but she brought them back as I was laying down. Anyway, I felt off as I was laying down, kind of like sleep disturbances while partially awake, sounds, sensations etc. I believe it was possibly Hypnagogic Hallucinations. I've had those rarely as well as Myoclonic Jerks. I usually only have them when I'm super tired etc.

Anyway, I woke up and my limbs felt weak. Kind of like how they feel when they're falling asleep before the tingling starts. Called Big Daddy who was outside with the big 2 and he came and got the baby. Checked my blood pressure and heart rate, normal. Went downstairs for food, had an idea, came UPSTAIRS, checked my sugar (with my last strip, it's been a while). 67. That explains that. Food, plus caffeine and chocolate pudding and I still felt off. It's getting better (I'm laying down) though.

This isn't the first time it's been that low. When I was pregnant with JSmiley my OB (Dr. Mc - not to be confused with my EP Dr. M) decided my fainting and dizziness was just hypoglycemia so I bought my glucose meter and supplies. A couple of times my reading was super high or low. Yea it fluctuates just like the rest of me. That was before I was referred to Dr. T.

I quit using it as much once we focused back on my heart. I think I may need to stock back up on supplies. I'm also going to ask about the link between NCS and hypoglycemia and what I should do about that. It's not very often as far as I know but it's always in the 60's. Insulin shock is 50 and below. What happens of I'm alone and too weak to safely go downstairs to get it up. I was weak and wobbly today. Will it drop further of I can't? What then?

I think it needs to be August quick (again, as sad as that makes me) I don't know if this is just a bad week but my hr values at rest (laying but awake, like right now) and upon waking are 10+ bpm higher than before, consistently. My laying is high 90s (last month it was high 80s laying), just waking up, high 80s (was high 70s). My active heart rate hasn't changed, still tachycardic. I can see and feel it more often than not. Like laying and nursing, I can see it pulsate and feel it. I think it's a good idea I'm getting on meds soon.

I'm slightly afraid about passing out. I haven't since November but I'm watching for it. Next week for 3 days I'll be completely by myself (my neighbor is usually next door to call if I need help). She'll be several hours away at her daughters graduation, Big Daddy will be at work and may or may not be able to answer/hear it, and Mom can't have her phone except on break. Reminder to self, get some backup/emergency numbers. I may not need help but knowing how hard it'll be to get help should I need it is daunting. If it were just me I could call for an ambulance (can't drive symptomatic) but I'll have the girls. Which also scares me, they've never seen me pass out (knock on wood). I'm probably panicking for nothing so I'm going to quit for now and relax for a bit.

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