Monday, June 4, 2012

Medical Professional Weirdness

Well that was an interesting conversation to say the least. My neurology office has my name listed as my maiden name. I'm clueless. It's a new doctor (as in I've never seen her or anyone else there) so it's not a case of I got married and need to change my info. All my records do and have said my married name since 2006 when I changed it including medical, social security, drivers license etcetera, so it's not a case of didn't change it somewhere. My referral (since all current doctors are up to date) says my married name and as such, my info was electronically sent with the correct name written. Even verbally to set up the appointment none of my current doctors would use my maiden name. The ONLY logical explanation is because my maiden name is still IN my name, but not in last name capacity. It's first name, middle and maiden (so I now have 2 middle names), and last. But that doesn't cover all of it, and even IF it said Maiden+MarriedName why is it ONLY listed as maiden name? Usually they only ask for middle initial and maiden name so my full name is only on my insurance and license (that all offices photo copy) but in none of the paper work does it list my maiden name as my last. I don't get it. Yes I know it's weird to fixate on a minor detail, it's fixable and it IS one of my names. I'm just stumped at how they got that conclusion.

This isn't the first medical oops either. When I had my last echo or my stress test they had my emergency contact listed as my long deceased grandmother. The one who died January 1, 1998 (1 echo done in 2007-2008, 2 echos and a stress test all done in 2011, plus numerous EKG over that past several years at that hospital/location). ALL since I've been married. The place is hospital affiliated, IN the hospital and on it's system. Since I got married in 2006, my husband has been my emergency contact. How did THAT glitch happen? My grandmother might have been my emergency contact years ago but she never had a car so that'd have been counter productive. My aunt was my emergency contact at school. Mind boggling I tell you. This is the conversation (edited of course) we had.

Receptionist (R): "May I speak with Sierra MaidenName please?"
Me, shocked: "This is Sierra MarriedName."
R: "Yes this is Kim with Dr. S Neurology calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow if that still works for you."
Me: "Yes it does."
R: "Ok you'll need to show up at 10:15 for the new patient paperwork."
Me: "OK, um, is my name listed as MaidenName or MarriedName because I haven't been a MaidenName since 2006."
R: "It's MaidenName. I can change it tomorrow when you come in but I can't change it over the phone."
Me: "I completely understand, I was just wondering why it's listed under MaidenName since all my other records correctly say MarriedName."
R: "Perhaps they're on a different system than us, but I'll be happy to change it tomorrow when you come in."
Me: "Ok, thank you."
Both: "Bye."

See, weird. It's bugging me. I'm really nervous about this appointment. I'm tired of getting the run around, granted that hasn't happened since last year but I still get really nervous that it will. Less than 1 year of being taken seriously is hard to process after 13 years of not. I'm always expecting disappointment. I hope it goes well. I think I'll have a fit if it doesn't. Seriously. I have no clue how to get there (my letter came with directions though) or what to expect AND I'm going alone. Mon gets points deducted for missing work (lame) and Big Daddy gets in trouble for missing. Anyone want to wish for rain for me or that he gets off? It's a 30 minute drive on the interstate and I don't like driving on them. Oh well, I'll update again later/tomorrow. JSmiley is napping and I'm stressing. Time to chill out.

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