Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Appointment

Well my follow up with my primary nurse practitioner went well. I guess last time I was her last appointment and she wanted to go home or something. It was a complete 180. She ordered 2 x-rays on my back (to be done one day this week) and removed a large skin tag on my lower back. I thought it was a mole but skin tag makes more sense. It was huge and would pull so I wanted that sucker gone. I've had a mole on my shoulder removed a few years ago. It grew back though doesn't stick out like it did pre-removal. I have a huge pressure bandage on my back and since my back was slightly bowed in when the nurse put it on there, it pulls. The NP told me to keep it on for 24 hours. That'd be 10:30 tomorrow. No thanks. It'll be a miracle if I make it to 5 AM. It didn't bleed much when they sliced it off and if it's bled at all since, it's not enough to make it through the gauze of the bandage.

As to my back, she had just asked if I needed any medicines that day (today - also, boy what a loaded question) but I just told her no "but last time you mentioned some tests to see if we could figure out why my back hurts". I also showed her how I can "pop" several locations just by stretching it out (my elbow and knees), how I pop my fingers and toes. And also how easy it is to pop my neck and back. She got it. I know (and she agreed) that it's bad for me but it hurts NOT to. We talked a little about it and she said she may send me to a rheumatologist. I mean really, what's one more specialist.

I talked about the migraine from Tartarus that I had and how I'd had to take 3 of my migraine pills (instead of 2) and 2 ibuprofen and that if it hadn't gone away when it did I was going to go to the ER (which she obviously agreed with since she said "go to emergency" as I was saying ER). Literally, I'd made up my mind to go even with it dulled from the massive amounts (not really massive, 300 mg Gabapentin and 400 mg Ibuprofen, so a good amount still), it wasn't gone so I figured if it was bad enough to need more than that, I needed to be seen. But it disappeared and didn't come back that severe (though it lasted 3 days). That kind of worries me. I have mild normal headaches often, plus migraines varying from seriously irritating to completely debilitating, and occasional twinges that aren't migraines, like a sharp pulse in my head. I think I'll ask for further testing (if there is any). I'm glad she believed I have them and have me meds but that's like going to the doctor and saying I have a clean break in a bone and him/her just handing me pills. I mean, I'm glad I don't/didn't have to jump through hoops and convince her that I do, in fact, have migraines, but, considering this is the Year Of Discovery (seriously, I go from undiagnosed and healthy/no clue what's wrong, to 3 chronic diagnoses in under a year) I wonder if my luck (whether you consider the luck good - I'm finding out and getting treatment, or bad - that there's stuff there TO find) will stretch further. So far nothing will outright kill me, perhaps secondary if I lose consciousness while driving or fall down the steps. But nothing outright. I'm not sure if I should research. I like to be prepared and I've found if I'm knowledgeable and can ask for something specific and state why it's needed, I usually get it, and THAT is why I have these diagnoses (because I didn't accept "Well all these tests say everything is fine"), but googling can make you think your simple cold is the Black Plague.

In other news, JSmiley has a doctor appointment in the morning. It's her 15 month one. Must remember to ask about her still "spitting up" liquids. I think she may have reflux but she only spits up liquids, no solids and not every time. Luckily she's eating big foods and not all milk but she needs liquids.

Ok, more later.

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