Friday, September 7, 2012

Rapid Onset of Sinusitis-flu-pneumonia

It's that time again. I've never been so confused before. I'm sick but I'm not sure what's going on. I've slept roughly 27 of the last 52 hours. That's rounding up, so technically it's half of 52 instead of just over half. Most of my sleep is broken. Wake Big Daddy up, take meds, feel my phone vibrate, Big Daddy comes in then leaves (sometimes with all the kids in tow) and I fall right back to sleep so I don't know down to the minute but I've got it fairly accurately recorded.

Not last night but the night before I started having a runny nose and some coughing if I over did it. I remember thinking "I better NOT be getting a sinus infection!!" Went to sleep at 1:30 (1st clue I was sick). Woke up and yup, classic sinusitis symptoms. (I had all the symptoms except I don't know what my temp was so I have no clue if I was feverish.)

But as the day progressed, I kept getting worse. It felt like I had the flu on top of sinusitis. And again, I had all the symptoms. I felt so bad mid-evening Big Daddy commented on it. He's always talking about knowing when I'm so sick I can't function as opposed to normal drained sick but semi functional counting "spoons" etc. I. Looked. AWFUL!!! He was all "NOW you look sick!" No, now I look like death warmed over. He took all the kids with only minor complaint from me (he was joking with me after a short nap that wasn't enough, and I got ill, I don't do jokes when I'm sick). By the time I woke up at 10 to eat, I felt like I had mild pneumonia. Again, every symptom except I didn't know my temp and the only gastro symptoms I had were nausea, none of the other gastro symptoms. Everything hurt. My legs and arms, my back was in major pain, my chest hurt when I breathed deep or stretched. It hurt to breathe. You know how your lungs feel when you inhale pool water and cough it back up, how it feels after that? That's how it felt. I had a killer migraine. My whole neck was completely stiff. I was in soooo much pain it isn't even funny. I came close to going to the ER because of the rapid onset of symptoms and the pain. If it has been even a fraction worse, I'd have gone. As it is, I text mom well after her bed time (she told me to go to ER) and woke Big Daddy up. Of course he'd rather sleep so he left it in my hands and I'd rather not hear him complain so he said if I still felt bad in the morning he'd call in. And went back to sleep.

JSmiley was still awake but the pain was so bad I couldn't move much less focus on getting her to sleep so I got up and took a half dose of liquid Tylenol cold (only half because it was the night time formula and J was still up) and a full dose of gabapentin. By the time Big Daddy got up, I felt marginally better. Today I slept a lot again but the symptoms were FAAAR less. Less than normal sinusitis even. Talk about whiplash.

But some symptoms leaked through occasionally. A spasm here and there mainly. But as midnight approached, the pain gradually started to return. By 1:30 (24 hours after taking all those meds) the headache was approaching painful and the neck stiffness was returning. So I took more gabapentin. But now I'm worried that my symptoms are severe and the drugs are masking it which keeps me complacent and at home. I think tomorrow I'll forgo gabapentin and Tylenol cold and see if the pain comes back. If it does I'm going in. Yes medicated the pain is pretty much GONE but unmedicated it's close to excruciating. Even now, a couple hours aftee taking it the pain isn't completely gone. Maybe because I just took the gabapentin and not both but still. More later. J is finally asleep.

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