Saturday, September 1, 2012


I hate nurse practitioners. I've had 1 good experience with a NP in the history of ever. I'll go ahead and warn you, this is not a sunshine and rainbows post. I'm pissed and I cuss a lot.

The one I saw, I seriously wanted to hit. She didn't even mention the NCS and acted like 95% of my issues are completely my fault. I'm livid. She said my heart rate is still fluctuating and I'm still dizzy because I need to STOP drinking caffeine all together (so my fault), drink 2 additional liters of fluid (my fault), exercise more BUT NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES (wtf will that help? My fault). The narcolepsy she said to stop drinking ANYTHING even REMOTELY sweet after 4 and no eating AT ALL after 6 and that'll make my narcolepsy better. Uh yeah dumb ass except I drink caffeine BECAUSE I CAN'T STAY THE FUCK AWAKE. How will cutting it out completely keep me awake during the day? Fucking dumb ass. I KNOW I could eat/drink better but it is NOT the cause of my problems. In fact, the week I passed out 3 times, I barely ate and didn't have ANY caffeine AT FUCKING ALL. (Stomach virus). Fuck. The WHOLE appointment I was made to feel like it was completely my fault that I'm sick.

According to her, the ONLY changes I need are more fluids, better eating (which is exactly opposite of the add salt), compression thigh highs, no caffeine and to undo the deconditioning, and added 1 extra.dose of midodrine. Apparently that will cure ALL my heart issues. She did say she'd ask Dr. M if it'd be ok to try a really low trial dose of provigil to see if it would mess with my hr but that was the ONLY concession. I'm fucking tired of people acting like it's my fault or that I'm making it up or that it's something else. I'm PISSED. So FUCKING pissed. Omg.

I really really REALLY wanted to go off on her. I didn't just blindly take it. I stood up for myself but still, EVERYTHING was blamed on me. Ugh. I'm too pissed to continue and this was 12 hours ago. I think I'm going to request NO nurse practitioners for all my doctors (my appointment SAID Dr. M) and try to get in before 3 months. A, her changes were stupid, B, the whole point of a 1 month appt was to see if it was helping and it's not and her changes were stupid, C, I'm pissed.


Not helping. Fmlfmlfml

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