Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Compression and Narcolepsy

Compression stockings.

I've noticed for years now that my legs and hands "fall asleep" very easy. Like, if I sit with my legs in any position but out, a good portion will be affected. My arms, can't be up, can't have much pressure, or they too will go numb. Case in point, my head is on my hand, arm at an angle like kids lay to read or do homework, already tingly. I've noticed several spoonies mention compression hose, I asked my neuro but she was clueless as to strength (15-20, 20-30, etc) and mainly knew about the TED hose so she told me to ask my EP. I left a message for the nurse but they never called back.
I just noticed this entry was... fractured. I skipped straight from seeking medical advice to refreshing my order screen. Brain fog I presume. Anyway, I went to one of the sites another Dys blogger recommend and ordered a pair of close toed thigh highs. I'll reevaluate strength and such when I see my EP again since the nurse didn't call back.
I've refreshed my order screen a million times. It still says pending. I didn't exactly get fast shipping but I'm impatient. I'll check it probably several times a day until it gets here. Patience is not a virtue I posses.
In other news, the central pharmacy called, apparently I'll receive a few calls from them, the one I got yesterday, the one I should get no later than tomorrow from admissions about insurance or paying, from their pharmacy staff to discuss meds I'm on etc, and nursing staff, I think I'll get my own helper nurse or something. And there's also a patient mentoring thing. I don't know. She said they got the rx request the day before the call and the call was yesterday and that admissions usually calls in 1-2 days. I didn't realize I'd be talking to so many people or that it would take a while. Again. Patience has never been my strong suit.

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