Friday, March 14, 2014

Lookie What I Got!

I'm REALLY happy with this company. I was impatient as usual but I'm already the proud owner of thigh high compression stockings. Now I want more. I almost missed it, I'd been refreshing the tracking app since I woke up (both times). Luckily I heard my screen door shut since I can't hear knocks upstairs unless it's really loud or other circumstances. I ran downstairs thinking they'd left the package but instead there was a delivery attempt note. There was no way I could go pick it up or wait for re-delivery on Monday. But I heard the truck start up so I grabbed the note off the door and ran toward the street. Luckily he saw me running with the paper and assumed I was his delivery and backed back up and gave me my package.
They fit wonderfully! Yes, I immediately put them on. I suppose the compression will take some getting used to, I'm glad I got 15-20 to start, to get used to it. I'm thrilled with the company (or companies). Despite my impatience it was very fast! The order was placed at the end of business and I had tracking in my email inbox by end of business the next day. AND even though I paid for standard shipping, I got it before end of business the next day. I suppose it'd be because I'm close to the company that makes the one I bought but still. I expected to wait up to a week or so. So far I'm super thrilled with everything. I'll definitely be purchasing from there again.
In fact, hopefully I'll be purchasing again SOON. Big Daddy likes them too especially since they appear to work. I may eventually go up a strength since I can feel where it wants to tingle but the stockings are working at this strength so maybe when it's time to replace, after I'm fully used to these. There aren't many color options on this site for 20-30 though. Still. I'm loving the 15-20 options. 20-30 pretty much has ebony and natural. 15-20 has sandstone, ebony, wheat, natural, mocha, smoke,navy, etc. Wheat might be too white for me, sandstone matches my summer color and isn't too far off of my winter color. The other's I'd get to match clothes. We'll see.
Edit: 20-30 does actually have more color.  For double the price. :/ 

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