Sunday, March 9, 2014

Little Things In Life

Sometimes I struggle with being sick and not having the full support of those around me because they don't fully understand. Sometimes they get frustrated because of that. But sometimes someone special will do something special and it really touches me that they tried. It's the little things you know?
Wednesday I text Big Daddy at work to let him know Saturday was Narcolepsy Awareness Day. He immediately text back "K, what do I wear?" He wanted the awareness color. That night when he got home from work he marked it on his calendar, so he wouldn't forget. And Saturday, even though he worked and had to be in work uniform, he wore a black shirt underneath which he kept on when he got home and went back out. All without prompting. Little details like that make it better. But the best thing was the email. I emailed him a copy of my blog post and a few minutes later he text me asking if I'd liked his email. This is what I found:
"U may have narcolepsy but the truth is I wouldn't trade u for the healthiest person in the world. Glad to be with u babe love u and I will see u when I get home. XOXO"
We struggle with me being sick and it does cause problems, for both of us but it makes me so happy when things like this happen.
He also had to do recertification for work, one being CPR, and he knew answers no one else in his group did, because of me. Like he knew all about how to give an epipen injection, right down to rubbing the injection site after, how to use an AED, what to do or how to handle when someone's stats are crashing and/or sugar crashing. I tell him all of this as I get it or how to help next time and I never realized just HOW much he was paying attention. And that matters to me.

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