Monday, March 31, 2014

Neuro and heart palpitations

I got MOST of everything situated. Got ahold of my neuro nurse and she called the Xy pharmacy. Apparently they sent it to the wrong fax number. They switched locations (just floors, same building) a bit ago and so they have new numbers. The nurse said she'd put the correct fax number on the papers so she doesn't know WHY they sent it to the wrong number but that's situated. Now I just have to wait on the verdict from my insurance.

I had a really bad day today. I've been having palpitations infrequently since the 18th. I had more severe ones today, and when I finally checked my heart rate after the worse was over and it was 50 BPM and slowly rising. I'm assuming when the worst of it was happening it was in the 40's. I thought about calling my EP but I feel silly. Plus the office is half an hour away and the kids are on spring break.

If it happens again before my appointment I'll definitely call. Anyway, I'm having trouble staying focused so, more later. <3

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