Sunday, April 6, 2014

Neuropathy and Neurology

Still waiting. Always and forever waiting. I called my neuro's nurse on Friday (4/4/14), a week after the first check call. The nurse said she had called and they said they were waiting on a form but that she'd never gotten one. Which confused me so I reminded her about our conversation last week where she'd said the pharmacy sent the prior auth to the old number (which, let me remind you, is on the first floor of the same building, in their former office which they shared with Urology, that is still there). I don't understand why they wouldn't/couldn't take it up there. Anyway, she said she still hadn't gotten anything, that the number they sent it to the second time was correct but sometimes things don't go through. And to keep calling her if I hadn't heard anything.

It's been nearly a month (the 10th is a month I think) since my neuro sent in the prescription. That is absolutely ridiculous. I suppose I'll call tomorrow during lunch and see if they'd received it yet. And Wednesday. And Friday. I mean, it's a fax, not snail mail. And considering the fact that my neuro pushed for this at EVERY appointment after my narcolepsy diagnosis, I really shouldn't be the only one trying so damn hard to get it approved. Plus, they wouldn't schedule a follow up until after I'd gotten everything situated. They have to see me regularly on Xyrem, I believe she said every 3 months and I think they do blood work at those appointments. But scheduling depends on everything getting situated.

I don't know but I think she's the doctor I need to see about testing for neuropathy. I've got almost/all symptoms of Autonomic Neuropathy and probably half of Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms. I never knew there was a connection to those symptoms but like everything, I mostly ignored them (well, as much as one CAN ignore stuff like that). Sure it could be coincidence, but I don't think it is. I'm sure I could ask my EP next month but I'm fairly sure he'll just tell me that's my neuro's jurisdiction.

I like my EP better to be honest. He listens more and I don't feel like he brushes me off. I may not always get what I want at that appointment, but it's never a no. I really hope I don't have to fight hard for this. It's so exhausting just constantly fighting for my health and recognition and even life. Anyway, I'm getting sleepy. Time to rest. <3

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