Sunday, April 13, 2014

Poor Man's Tilt

So I decided to do a series of Poor Man's Tilt Table Tests so that I could take the readings to my EP next month to further prove my point more that just him saying he suspected I have POTS. I've been researching so much this month it isn't even funny and trying my best to log information and stats so that I'll have plenty to present to him.

I did two different ones in two days. The first one I did was only 5 minutes. My blood pressure did not drop in that time period (though it did fluctuate on occasion) but rose, fairly steadily. I didn't do longer than the 10 minute one and I'm not sure about the full criteria for diagnosing NCS but I've already gotten it from an extended regular Tilt Table Test where my BP dropped and my heart stopped (asystole). So based on the face that it takes longer than the guidelines for OI for my BP and heart rate to drop (but does during the extended tilt), and the fact that my HR rises significantly (both immediately and sustained in a steady climb over the period of the PMTTT) I surmise that I have both NCS and POTS. Here's the results from the two I did today and yesterday.

Yesterday I did the 5 minute test. Immediately upon standing my BP rose from 113/77 HR 72 (laying) to 132/82 HR 99. That immediately upon standing reading made my PP 50. However it dropped down to 116/85. I guess that might be positive for OI as well but then it raises steadily and/or fluctuates. The data is obviously bottom up in both instances. In every instance it jumps, both BP and HR when I go from laying to standing, then drops down a little, then slowly gradually (mostly) raises. Also raising is my heart rate. From 72 to 122 in 5 minutes (which is 50 bpm rise) and 78 to 134 (a 58 bpm rise). Which is well over the 30 pt increase in 10 minutes criteria for diagnosing POTS through a tilt.

But also, I never noticed before, but my pulse pressure also drops. The lowest recorded was 18, that I remember. If you noticed, 118/100 isn't the only weird reading I got, however I redid it. I got an error reading then it went back to normal so I erased the other reading and put in the "normal" reading. The second time (the one recorded), it stopped reading after that. I kept getting error readings so I quit trying, I got two errors when trying to repeat the 9 minute reading and 2 errors when trying to actually GET the 10 minute reading, which is why there are only readings for up to 9 minutes and not 10. I'm not sure what that means. I'll report that too.

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