Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pains and Points

Big Daddy scored points today. I'm always complaining of pain, specifically in the neck/back region (but also others). I go through so many products it isn't even funny. thermacare, muscle rub, icy hot, etc. The gels, the sticks (like deodorant only muscle rub), the creams, patches, you name it. I need it. Big Daddy usually does the honors even though he hates the feeling of creams/lotions/gels on his hands. It's nice that he does that even though he hates it. Which is also why he buys the sticks of it. He doesn't always have to rub it in by hand.

Anyway. Tonight he goes to the store with the older girls and said he was going to bring me a surprise. They didn't have what he originally planned but he took a trip over to the pharmacy section and bought some Stopain spray. It works SO well. He also looked at I'm guessing caboodles (by his description). He bought me a big travel toiletries case that I use for most of my medical things. Meds, sugar testing things (for if I suspect hypoglycemia and to raise it), creams, rubs, eye drops, nose spray, anbesol, etc. Just basic necessities and comforts. I have my heart rate watch/strap and epi-pen in there too. If I had more than just the bp machine I'd be able to use a larger case but I'm fairly sure it's the only thing I currently have that doesn't fit in the case. It's kind of irritating and sad thinking about how I'm not quite 25 and need/use all of that and could probably use more.

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