Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm That Girl

I'm pretty sure I temporally turned into the patient office staff laugh at/hate. I called my EP several weeks ago over compression stockings. Never got a call back. Called yesterday and left a rambling voicemail requesting a call back. I identified myself, my date of birth, everything they normally ask to confirm you're you, everything my neuro needs to call back, no call back. Called today and left a pissy voicemail spelling out my name. My phone number is in my chart. The info needed to access my chart is in the voicemail. So WHY no phone call? Perhaps because I didn't rattle off my phone number? Thinking about it after the fact, the instructions say leave name and phone number. I think I left it at least once but still. It's IN my file.

But I've seen medical bloggers blog and laugh about patients calling and leaving no identifying information. I'm embarrassed. Rationally, I know it's not TOO bad. I did leave plenty of identifying information, they have my number (they use it to reschedule my appointments every time), I left everything else and who treats me. But still. I want to call tomorrow (and leave my number) but I'm embarrassed and afraid they'll remember the crazy chick who keeps calling. >.>

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