Saturday, April 26, 2014

Writing, writing, writing

I've spent all day, off and on, writing down things in a 5 subject notebook. I'm definitely not going to fill it any time soon but I hope it'll come in handy. I get all nervous trying to get my point across to doctor. Especially one I've had any amount of trouble with. My EP I'd only take my stats/vitals. His PA, I'm taking every piece of info I can find in addition to the stats. Same with my neuro because, while she's a million times better than the PA, she's made me mad and brushed me off before. Even with my MSLT positive for N, she refused to believe it until I went to a second sleep specialist for consult. The one who simply said, to the effect of, "If it's positive, it's positive." But that it could ALSO be REM behavior disorder. I said no at the time because I wasn't aware I mildly act out dreams. It wasn't until Big Daddy described something later that I realized I do in some instances. When I told my neuro, she brushed me off. Though it was her that suggested RBD as a possibility to begin with. >.> SO, mostly ok, needs improvement.

I set up an appointment to see about neuropathy and I'm afraid of being brushed off again so naturally, I'm writing down a lot of the different neuropathies. >.>

Speaking of neurology. I had a missed call from the pharmacy. Called back less than 10 minutes later, and NATURALLY, they're closed on the weekends. Closed enough to call me then not answer 7 minutes later. So, point for calling on the weekend, despite being closed. But -1million points for everything else. Including calling on the weekend while I'm asleep. Waking me up, then not answering.

So much shit pisses me off. >.> OBVIOUSLY if you want ANYTHING done, it has to be done by you.

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