Friday, April 25, 2014

Everything and Nothing

I need some teeth pulled. Like yesterday. I don't know what they are, molars or wisdom teeth but either way, they need to come OUT. NOW. I'm in so much pain, it isn't even funny. All day every day, the pain moves. Either the base of my skull in the right, my jaw, the right side of my nose/sinus, right side of my head (top), below my ear. I don't know what to do. I am taking every medicine I have for migraines, and it's not doing much. The teeth are trying to come in and there's no room. It does it every year but the last two were the absolute worst and it gets worse each year. Last year I could barely open my mouth for over a week.

On top of that, earlier this week, a stomach virus hit everyone BUT Big Daddy. In rapid succession. It lingered with me and I got dehydrated. My heart rate wouldn't go below 100 (except every so often, and only briefly), my blood pressure tanked when standing. When it tanked, I had severe heart palpitations, I also had chest pain and shortness of breath. I went to the ER and got 2 liters of saline, something mild for pain, and nausea. I didn't expect much else. I'm not sure what happened but I *think* the end of the IV port nicked my vein elsewhere. It's really sore almost 2 inches from the puncture site. When he started the second bag of saline it immediately hurt where it's sore now, and again when he flushed the port. It hurts to extend my arm. Well, more sore than pain.

To top it off, I fucked up and called my EP (last post, I believe). They wanted me to come in sooner. To see the physicians assistant. I nearly had a full on panic attack. I REALLY hate seeing her. I'm already anticipating a fight. I don't know what I want. All I know is no meds are fully helping, none of the tests have shown heart palps but I've had them since 2007. I think, at MINIMUM, I want an electrophysiology study. I really want to talk to Dr. M instead. I'm going to try to take a notebook full of information and hopefully I don't get a brush off. If I do I'll probably file a complaint at the very least. And make sure I NEVER see her again.

I've also scheduled an appointment with my neurologist about testing for small fiber neuropathy (and autonomic and peripheral neuropathy). It's next month. I got a call on Monday that my insurance had approved the Xyrem (FINALLY) and that they'd faxed the pharmacy the acceptance letter. I called the pharmacy yesterday and they haven't gotten anything. WHAT the fuck is going on with that shit?!?! It takes a million phone calls between all of us just to get the approval processing. The woman at the pharmacy said they hadn't gotten the fax (is there a block in the lines or some shit?) but she'd "send it on" to someone who is supposed to call my insurance to confirm. No call today. Of course. I'm getting SO fed up with this shit. I called either my doctor or the pharmacy WEEKLY, and now I'm still calling. It's fucking ridiculous. Several "we called, they say they faxed but we didn't get anything". How many times does a fax "get lost"? I mean really? >.>

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