Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today is MUCH better. Went to sleep at 2 (as opposed to 5-8) and slept till 11. It's 1 now. Brain fog is gone overall, as are the more severe issues of yesterday. Still symptomatic but I'm at normal (normal for me at least) function level. Another thing added on to yesterday (now that I can actually remember to write it) on the noise sensitivity, yesterday before my friend came over I was upstairs* laying down, but I'd turned my phone up so I'd hear if she called/text or if R called (he and the kids were out). I would've just gone to sleep but B was coming over and I needed some adult company. If only I'd had more sleep. Anyway, I'd dozed off for a few minutes when my friend text me. My text alert tone isn't loud, just 3 short lowish notes (like Do do DO - if that makes any sense) but it jolted me awake and my heart was racing and my anxiety was up for a minute or so. I suddenly remembered why I always have my phone on vibrate rather than turned up unless it's important. R is always fussing if I miss a call to turn it up. Now he knows why I don't (I called him and told him about it).

My friend and I just hung out, watched a movie and talked. Of course I had brain fog, extreme fatigue, cognitive impairment etc so it was like talking to someone who'd had 1 too many to remain functional. I don't take any drugs at all before you ask. Not even tylenol or cold meds unless whatever I'm taking it for is debilitating. I dislike taking drugs of any kind. And believe me, she noticed, we talked about it and she said she could tell. She's very understanding, some of her family have a genetic condition that's very bad as the disease progresses and she's not been tested but she understands what I'm going through since at least/more than half her paternal relatives has it. It was great talking to someone who gets it even if they don't really understand my illness. It really helped, even if I was less than functional.

* Stairs are particularly hard on me, I suppose they're pretty hard on most people with Dysautonomia, just a guess though. It makes everything bad. If I'm having a bad day it's like I ran a marathon just climbing them slowly, and forget going up then down and forgetting something and having to do it again. That's exhausting even on a "good" day.

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