Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rant and DIY ideas

It's 5 o'clock in the mornin', conversation got boring. I'm awake. S has school (which R will take care of that) but J has her 9 month appointment before 10. I have to wake R up before 6 so I can't go to sleep before then or deal with broken sleep. Couldn't sleep last night because R was too tired to be of any help and J fell asleep finally at 3. R wasn't much help at all yesterday. I'm pretty mad about it actually. I woke up at 2 and text him since he was having blood drawn. At 4 I was hungry and getting dizzy (I only had actual cook food here, stove top, oven etc) so I text him and told him I was hungry and dizzy. Apparently after having the blood drawn, instead of asking if I needed anything, checking up or me, or even telling me he was going somewhere, he went straight to his friends house to help him with something. He hadn't heard his phone. However, I called him before 4:45 to see why he wasn't answering. He told me then that he was helping his friend mow and all he had to do was weed-eat (the friend has a bad back and can't do it himself). So I told him he needed to check his text messages. Friend lives 20 minutes away. R didn't get home till 6. He finished weed-eating then buried friends cat who had apparently drowned in a neighbors pool. Then came home. I'm pretty livid actually. Especially considering I had J here with me as well as minor brother. Sure K (brother) could have called 911 if anything happened but then what? Are the paramedics going to take me, J AND K? (Side note, initials are hard to keep on track making sense. Maybe I'll change it to nick names and post a let/guide. Food for though.)

He knows he messed up. Question is, will he do it again. Sometimes it feels like I have to be in the middle of a full fledged syncopal episode right in front of his face before he takes me serious. He's usually helpful but it's like he's in denial about it or something. The other day friend had a lot of blood drawn and R drive him to his house "because he could get dizzy and I don't want him to wreck". Hi, I have a chronic condition that makes me dizzy VERY often, yet you still want ME to drive places with no other adult. I swear, as much help as he is, as much as I love him, SOMETIMES I could just SCREAM. I sometimes find it hard to believe he's the older one that doesn't have brain fog. He is a huge help but I highly doubt we're on the same page. /EndRant

Anyways, I've started looking for some DIY projects I can try and I've found a few. 2 are nursing necklaces. J is at the curious phase during nursing. She's all the time scratching (I swear even with clippings, this child is Wolverine!) Pinching, pulling, you get the idea. Anyway, nursing necklaces are a good, safe alternative for her to play with instead of trying to pull my lip off. Plus she can play with it while in the wrap or sling, or even just spending time curled up with me. I've got two in mind so far. I'm on the lookout for more. And any more DIY projects that are fairly easy, or easy to learn. Another thing I want to try is roven wool dyed dreads. Not in my actual hair, and I doubt I'd ever do real dreads. I don't like permanent or even semi so I'll follow option c first. A - real dreads, B - roven dreads braided into my real hair which is the semi option since all you have to do is remove them instead of cut it like real ones, and C - attach the falls to my pony tail. If I like how the look I MAY try option B. No promises. I also want to learn to sew and crochet. But the others come first.

Any other ideas?

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