Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, seriously

Up again, and it's after 2 AM. J hasn't slept at night in about/over a week. She'll fall asleep near 5/5:30 then I have to wake R up. I don't know what time it'll show as posted, I can't change my time zone on blogger from my phone. It'll have to wait along with the rest of my tinkering.

"Yesterday" (since it's after midnight here) was a pretty icky day all around. The main things were shortness of breath, pressure in my chest and anxiety. Just to name a few. I'm documenting like I said, and hopefully beginning next week, I'll begin regular exercising. Other than that, nothing much to report.

On a different note, I took my bigger 2 daughters to the doctor. They have coughs too though not as bad as J. Over the course of them being sick they've varied in intensity but they didn't require steroids or breathing treatments. S is almost over the worst of it but it's slow coming. She just got antibiotics. D has the worst of the two including sore throat and a left ear infection, she got antibiotics and ear drops. So that's antibiotics x3, ear drops x2, steroids x1, breathing treatments x1. I hate having to give them tons of meds, especially baby J since she's on so much. And steroids are just awful. She gets antsy and spacey. It's pitiful. I hate my babies being sick more than I hate being sick, and I'll tell you, I whine like a baby when I'm sick, even of it's just written or to myself. Anyway, I'm too tired to think of more. Bye for now.

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