Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Fabled First Entry

These things are usually pretty hard to start. How do you just begin. I guess like this. I'll go ahead and apologize ahead of time. Mainly because I'm on my phone so the formatting may very well be off, and also because auto correct is evil and likes to make me look somewhat illiterate. It's also hard to go back and fix it if I catch it later. But anyway, here goes...

My name is Sierra, I couldn't think of any cute or clever names or titles so I'm sticking with the basics. I'm currently 22 years old, though I'll be 23 in May. I have a husband, R. We've been together since December 2004, married since July 06. We have 3 daughters, S is turning 6 this month and is in Kindergarten, D is turning 4 this month and will likely start pre-k this August. Baby J was born in June and is currently 9 months old.

I have Neurocardiogenic Syncope though from my understanding, that's not all encompassing, it's just the reason I pass out. I've been symptomatic at least over half my life, if not all of it, and only recently have I begun to find out why. The first time I passed out I was 10. I remember most of my episodes, though not always right away. I'm currently seeing a cardiologist and an electrophysiologist. I had what's called a "tilt table test" in November of last year (just a few months ago) and that's when they discovered I had NCS. I've seen many doctors over the last 13 years. A few ERs in a couple different cities in a couple different states. I've had EKGs and ECGs, echocardiograms, blood tests, holter monitors, event monitors, etc. I've been told my symptoms are anxiety, that I'm healthy. It's only the minority that thought that, but enough to frustrate me. I'm ecstatic that I finally have a diagnosis. That I'm finally on the right path.

I saw my doctors in February. Dr. T (my now former cardiologist) didn't really tell me much and moved to GA so now I'm seeing a different one. I can't remember his name right off but I think I saw him in 2008. Dr. M (my electrophysiologist) is the one who gave me the NCS diagnosis. He's also the one who said NCS is probably not my only problem. He was going to put me on 2 medicines right then and there but I'm still nursing J. For right now I'm just reducing caffeine, increasing fluids and upping my salt/sodium intake. If I quit nursing or get worse I need to call for the meds but I go back in August to be reevaluated. J will be 14 months, though I usually nurse until 26 months. I at least want to make it to 12. I feel bad for cheating her out of that when her sisters all got the full 26 months. I just don't know.

Anyway, basically I started this blog for myself, for my kids, and maybe for others. I don't expect to get any replies. I'm in uncharted waters with all of this, this diagnosis thing. For so long I've just been sick, several people didn't believe it went beyond the fainting, which I do fairly often, now they're learning differently. I'll admit to being a but bitter about it, but that's another post for another time. Bye for now. Sierra

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