Wednesday, August 22, 2012


FML. No really. My neurologist's office called yesterday and said Dr. S will be out of the office August 27th and wanted to reschedule for the 18th of September but I have another appointment that day so instead, it's now scheduled for September 27th (sound familiar?) I didn't even fight it. I'm too irritated. She did say that since it's their fault they'll put me on the cancellation list. Joy. Get diagnosed with narcolepsy, can't treat it until my doctors figure out what is ok/safe for me, and one reschedules. It's ok, it's not like I need sleep. If my EP reschedules too I'm going to flip.

I'm hoping I can bypass it. I know she ordered the MSLT (my PCP ordered the PSG, and an affiliated NP ordered the drowsy/deprived sleep EEG - so it's not like she's the sole person responsible) that found the narcolepsy but I don't want to wait. The sleep center probably would've put me on something if it weren't for the IST and NCS (and any other letters I may have), at least that was what was implied. But my EP does sleep studies too. AND, he's the one treating my IST and NCS (etc). I'm HOPING he'll be willing to take it on (at least temporarily, if not full time) instead of having to wait a full month on her ideas then coordinating with my EP on if he thinks it's ok. Maybe he'll be like "do/take this" and then in a month I'll just bring her up to date. But that feels shady. Oh well, maybe my freaking doctors should QUIT messing around. I know they are human and "shit happens" but at the same time, it's not fair to me to have to wait an extra month (shorter if they get a cancellation, longer if "something else comes up). Am I wrong for being a bit ticked? Ughhh!!!

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