Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chest Pain and Holters

My chest is hurting and I can't breathe when I lay down and since I'm allergic to the sticky patches on the monitor, my chest is itching. I can't wait until 1 when I can take it off. I think I'm waiting until tomorrow to start the meds. I can't take the meds while I have the monitor on, he wants me to take the beta blocker once a day, in the morning (so I can't take it today) and the other one I'm supposed to start at 2 times a day, once in the morning (so that dose is out) but he said to take dose #2 around 4-5 so that'd be ok except I don't want to take one without the other. The one I CAN take is a vasoconstrictor (that's the only classification I can think of) and raises BP so I hopefully don't pass out and I don't want to take just it without the beta blocker to balance it out.

JSmiley hasn't nursed at all in over 30 hours. I'm sad. She's doing fairly well. I know when she wants it she's either thirsty, tired, hungry or a combination so I've been keeping food and juice on hand to give her and rocking her to sleep. She gets pretty irate if I'm not fast enough and that cry is heart breaking. We'll be ok, she seems more ok than I am (except those 2 times she's cried) but as soon as I gave her food/drink and/or rocked her she was fine.

Ok, chest pain and shortness of breath are doing better so if JSmiley is agreeable, I may try to get some more sleep.

Also, I find it amusing that every time I have to wear a holter or event monitor, it looks better than the one before. This one, when she first put it on and was setting it, I watched the ECG on the screen. I wish I could watch it still, that stuff fascinates me. Sadly those buttons are only for setting it and turning it off early (except the "event" button on the side close to my thumb that you can't see, I'm sure it's functional).

More later.

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