Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 1 of Medicine

Day 1 of Medicine

I woke up 10 minutes late this morning. Insomnia kept me up long past JSmiley finally falling asleep. But I did it. Didn't take my meds until 9:20 (wanted to take at 9) because it took a few minutes to do orthostatics. Which got me thinking, laying to standing my heart rate increased 31 bpm (I did laying, sitting and standing). And my bp rose sharply from laying to sitting. Isn't that one of the indicators of POTS? Ok so apparently (after skimming the entries since my appointment) I didn't mention that I might have it? I couldn't get a definite yes or no but he kept mentioning it and said some of my symptoms "fit". I'll ask for a straight answer when I go back. Perhaps my holter monitor results in addition to my bp log will get him to give me a straight answer without needing a bunch of testing?

Anyway. I'm not sure how I feel. My HR is definitely slightly lowered. Sitting here propped up (couldn't stay fully upright) my heart rate is in the low 70s. It's usually mid-high 80s or even 90s. The true test was walking up my stairs. It usually gets to 125 (lowest) and stays up (above 100) until I'm back downstairs sitting. It only got up to 115 and while I was sitting dropped back to the 80s so the Atenolol is definitely doing SOMETHING.

The Midodrine I'm not as sure about. it's been pretty normal except one fluke. I'm not sure why it reacted like it did but it read 117/104. I was dizzy at the time and checked it again 3 minutes later and it was 125/82 so I don't know. Lounging it's 114/72 so I don't think it's doing any raising (like I said, I think that one number was wrong but I don't know why). And I feel off. My scalp itches and other parts. I'm slightly nauseated. I feel kind of dizzy, not imminent syncope dizzy, just off dizzy. Big Daddy has the kids and I'm home alone. So I'm staying on the couch. I hope my body adjusts fast or I'll be home bound for a while. I'm supposed to go Tuesday to fill out papers at 9 (when I take the meds) hopefully it doesn't take a while and I'm not dizzy. And that my scalp quits itching. Itchy scalp drives me insane!

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