Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Babble When I'm Tired

I'll go ahead and apologize in advanced. My phone updated late last night and everything is off. Autocorrect isn't functioning properly so it's taking me longer to type (touch screen) and it updated the key board so it's twice as bad. I'll probably have tons more errors than usual or something. I hate the update, hated the phone, got it how I like it then it spazzed out because I wouldn't download the update.

On the plus side, blogger finally let me change my time zone so it SHOULD be correct now. It's 3 AM now and I'm about to go to sleep. Big Daddy and I watched a movie and of course the baby stayed up too. I can't really help that, both of or schedules are flipped. If I can get her to sleep at a decent hour I may take some melatonin. Occasionally should be ok, it didn't mess with me until I took it every day for a week or more.

I'm frustrated though, when I got diagnosed with NCS in February, there weren't many graphics or sites for it. A VAST majority focus more on POTS. Now that I have a narcolepsy diagnosis, I can't find hardly ANYTHING. At least nothing that isn't a joke or low resolution. And there aren't many sites or even fb pages/groups. And apparently narcolepsy affects 1 in every 2000 people. If there are 8 billion people in the world (and I did my math correctly), 4 million have narcolepsy. (1 in 2000, 8 billion divided by 2000? Maybe? I hate math.) But the number of groups/pages/graphics are FAAAAR less than NCS. Ugh. Ok, I'm really tired so I'll quit babbling. Perhaps I'll have a real entry later.

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