Saturday, July 7, 2012

6th Wedding Anniversary

Baby you don't know, what you do to me. Between me and you, I feel a chemistry. I won't let no one come and take your place. Cause the love you give can't be replaced. See no one else love me like you do. That's why I don't mind to spend my life with you. Wanna please you, in anyway I can. I wanna share my world. Don't you understand?

Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on. You give me a really good feelin all day long.

Turn me inside out, make my heart speak. Need no one else, you are all I need. Personality, in everything you do. Makes me love everything bout you. Your smile, your style, so fly, I can't deny. I got a crush on you and that's true indeed. And I'm digging you, you're making me believe.

Aaliyah - One In AMillion

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary Big Daddy! <3

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