Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heat Wave

Long and physically draining day. There's been a heatwave here lately and today (technically yesterday, it's 1:19 AM) the power went out. It's probably still out. Not city wide, just at the apartments I live at. The day before it was out at my moms but only for 2 hours. A transformer blew at 3 PM, at 10:30 PM when I left for Mom's finally, it still wasn't on.

There was more damage than just one transformer. There was at least 2 playing tag, if not more. The power came back on at least twice (for less than a minute, the longest was LITERALLY long enough for me to turn my TV on with the remote and push the + volume button a few times).  They'd work on one transformer and the power would flicker then another would blow then back to the other one. They did that for hours. Most of the time the power stayed off but I heard them blow at LEAST 9 times.

I text my mom off and on all day and finally at 10 she said to just come over. She said she thought it'd be on since half her city was without power the day before and it only took 2 hours. So here we are.

It usually only takes an hour to fix a blown transformer (and that's including time for the guys/crew to be dispatched and arrive). Finally we heard that they had to put up a whole new pole, run lines etc and that it'd be at least 3-4 more hours (putting the estimated time no earlier than 12 - 1 AM) and "It could be morning or tomorrow afternoon." Did I mention it was 103° F and no relief to be found?

In other news, Big Daddy decided that once a week, we're going on a date. Even if it's cheap because of bills. 1 day, every week, just us two. And for the past 3 weeks we have. It's a step. At least he's trying to spend time with me now. It's a step (and I'll probably jinx myself by openly praising him on my blog, I better not have a bad day because I said something nice!)

Anyway, it's almost 2 AM. Time to try to sleep. Oh and I got the packet for my MSLT, it's at the end of this month.

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