Monday, July 30, 2012


Someone remind me again why I wanted to do this?! Who would have thought a simple sleep study would be so much BOTHER! I want to go home. And it's only 9 AM. The tech said it'd be probably 4:30 before we're done. I'm so tired.

Got here at 9:15 and say outside with Big Daddy for a little bit then we both walked in. He left before I got wired up since he has to work today. Got hooked up and layed down, text Big Daddy and tried to go to sleep. I WAS able to but not very easy. Took a few minutes just to get comfortable. I also woke up a few times, at LEAST twice, possibly more. Woke up at 2 and could NOT go back to sleep. The tech came in to ask if it was a pretty typical night, what with being restless etc and I said yea, and then he told me he'd been watching my heart rate. I'd warned him that it probably WOULDN'T get high, but if it DID, it's normal for me. He thanked me for warming him just in case since if it HAD spiked he'd have come woke me up. But anyway, he said my heart rate fluctuated sporadically. I'm not sure why, he said MOST of the time it stayed between 60-80 which is normal when I'm sleeping but twice it dipped to 38 (!!!) and more than that down to the 40s. I don't know why. Neither did he but he said he would ask the doctor and I'll ask Dr. M tomorrow.

They provides breakfast (fast food) and then at 8 I tried to take the first 20 minute nap. I tossed and turned a but (despite being tired) and I MAY have dozed briefly. I'm so tired. I want to go home. I'm having SO much trouble falling asleep and this 20 minutes to fall asleep SUCKS. To add insult to.injury, my back has been aching all night and it's just getting progressively worse. And my chest started hurting last night and while laying it's pretty uncomfortable. Did I mention I want to go home yet?

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