Friday, July 20, 2012

Scheduling Rants

Now that my phone has more than 2% charge I can write. I'm going on 2 hours of sleep though so I will probably ramble. That typically happens when I'm sleep deprived. I'm so tired but sleep isn't happening. Actually, I was laying with JSmiley and a deactivated cell phone rang (neighbors phone died so she borrowed it and then got a new one). I have no clue how that happened but it was enough to jar me out of that place where you drift peacefully to dreamland. So I finished the last few chapters of HP7 and am now writing. Perhaps I'll try again afterwards.

Anyway. When last I wrote, I was still having trouble reaching my OB/GYN or getting a call back. I called Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday (answering service answered, at 5) and Tuesday. Sure it was semi out of their hands but the first Friday-Tuesday they didn't have the info so they couldn't call, didn't call me so they didn't even TRY. Called that final Tuesday and she had a list of approved birth control from my insurance. So that's done.

Then last night Big Daddy brings in the mail and there's a letter from my EP that said Dr. M had a change in schedule and *I* needed to call to reschedule my 8/1 appointment. Called this morning and the receptionist said "His next available appointment is August 30 at X:XX A/PM or August 31 at X:XX A/PM." Excuse me? Seriously? You send me a letter dated the 12th that doesn't get here until the 19th (different city, different state) instead of CALLING me, over something I have no control over and because you're a sub-specialist, you want me to wait a while MONTH because it conflicts with his schedule? How about not. I didn't SAY any of that since it would be rude but I definitely thought it. What actually happened was (M = Me, R = Receptionist)
M: "......................... I don't, I don't know............."
R: "You don't know... which one you want?"
M: "Yes, I've had this appointment since FEBRUARY and I can't wait another month to start meds, I can't...."
R: "Well that's all he has, he's not here today and on vacation next week and won't be in on the 1st and he's double booked."
M: "...................... I guess.... I don't..............."
R: "Would you like me to put in a note for the nurse to call you?"
M: "Yes, please."

Not 5 minutes later the nurse called.
She asked how I was doing and of course I was frustrated at the situation and it's a stranger (see, I can NOT talk to strangers in stressful situations) and I have only had 2 hours of sleep so I was practically in tears trying to explain why I couldn't forgo meds for a whole extra month. Sure I COULD but that's an extra month of not being active at ALL. There have been times over the past 6 months where I almost called and asked to be on meds before my appointment, unsupervised. Some days were THAT bad. I don't beg easy.

Anyway she cut me off and said they'd looked at the schedule and could put me down July 31 "That's a day sooner." A. No shit, really?! B. I was happy with MY allotted appointment. *I* didn't want it to change. C. It isn't MY fault the doctor needs several days off in addition to his 1+ week vacation. If I could change it, I'd be ok sticking with my original day/time. I'd even be ok with an extra week/10 days or so (I wouldn't be too thrilled the higher the number got especially though I'd try to manage). But a whole month? 10 days makes me cringe but is more understandable.

But seriously? So no one on other days (that he's there) will be affected, they'll get their normally scheduled appointments that they've been waiting 1, 3, 6, 12 months for, whichever, but because the doctor has had some things come up, *I* have to suffer until he has an "opening". I don't know WHY he needs a few days off plus a vacation, and I hope it's nothing bad but seriously. None of that is my fault. All in all the nurse made me feel like a brat. I didn't ASK for an earlier appointment. Not ONCE have I asked to be seen sooner. I've patiently waited my turn unless something else was offered (other doctors/tests with cancellations) unless I missed it (and then I still waited patiently) or it was inconvenient in which case I passed and it was undoubtedly offered to the next name on their list which I did not ask to be put on. :/

Ugh I need sleep. I don't even know if I had more to write. I suppose if I did I'll remember it later.

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