Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My phone only has 16% left and my charger is out of reach so I don't know if I'll be able to finish this right away. Big Daddy is where my charger is and JSmiley is on me (and Callie O.o ).

The past week has been EXHAUSTING especially considering I didn't do much of anything (at least to healthy standards). That's part of the reason for my blog silence. Last Monday Big D had to go clean the baseball field and get it ready with his team and the senior league for all stars since district was held here. We were there 5 or 6 hours and the most I did was carry JSmiley in my wrap. Tuesday we went out there for what was supposed to be the first of 2 to 3 games. Got Big D, gas and to the field (without my kids) and it started pouring. Wednesday was canceled outright before I left the house. Thursday I had to go pick up Big D at his friends and on our way to get his uniform, they called to cancel. Got gas, took him to drop off movie rentals and then back to his friends. Friday we got gas and to the field at 5. They didn't start playing until 8 and had to quit for half an hour due to lightning. I helped in concessions (with 2 other women, my friends) and helped carry some crates of drinks (hr got past 180 on that). Got home close to midnight. Saturday they were scheduled but it was one thing after another. One field was too damaged due to rain and no drainage system. The back up field, the press box got hit by lightning and most of the power was out (including lights) and the power company said it'd be a bit since it's not residential. So no game and we went to Kim's to eat and hang out. Got home at 1 and the most strenuous that day was driving to and from. Sunday was the last game but it was between 2 senior league games so I was there 7 hours. Again the most stressful was carrying JSmiley in the wrap. That was a BAD day. I got dizzy frequently but I had the van so Big Daddy couldn't come help me and I wasn't about to risk driving dizzy so I say for quite a bit. I spent 99% of yesterday laying in bed in the A/C. I definitely over did it this last week so THIS week and next I'm relaxing as much as possible!! Because the week after that is my MSLT and my EP appointment. Regular baseball is over but Fall Ball starts in August or so. But I'll be on meds then.

In other news, my OB/GYN's office STILL has not called me back and frankly, I am getting pretty ticked off. I called Friday, Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday. Called today/yesterday (it's 3 AM) too but got the answering service. What the hell? Why does the universe not want me on birth control? This is the second time this year I've had trouble getting it. Grrr. Ok, 5% left, more later.

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