Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bad Weekend

Bad health day. I noticed part of it yesterday, that my heart rate was easily spiked much more than normal. Usually normal activity, when I feel well is low 100's. Remember the below 100's is when I'm in/on the bed or sitting/laying on the couch. I thought I should clarify since I feel goofy saying "I have IST" and such then following up with "My resting heart rate is 86." Remember that is laying flat on my back in bed (or on my side). Sitting on my bed (eating, writing, reading, etc) it's 96, I get up, walk, etc and it goes over 100 but as long as I feel well and don't over exert myself, I'm typically ok. Yesterday with activity it was in the 140's (walked up my steps once to the bathroom, there is only 1, it's upstairs, and that was at 1:45 PM so the power was still on). Then today at Mom's, I went inside Mom's (she was outside with us) to let SDiva potty and grab JSmiley's seat and our stuff. Let SDiva out the door in the living room so I didn't have to help her avoid my Mom's pit bull "pup" Athena who is hyper as crap. Athena isn't even 1 (she was born mid-August) and it takes effort to hold her and when she stands she can put her paws on my chest (I'm 5ft7in). If I didn't let her out I'd have had to carry the seat, beach bag (with all my/our stuff) and keep Athena off SDiva, so I just let her out the door. Athena is kept in the kitchen with a door keeping her out of the loving room (when my kids are there because she's bigger than them). Anyway, Mom's house is single level (remember I keep saying I need a single level) and all I did was walk inside, get our stuff, walk back outside and my heart rate was 153. Came home and walked upstairs to wake up Big Daddy (he stayed here last night, the power came back on when they said, between 12 - 1, he went to bed after it came back on so he wasn't suffering in the heat) and my heart rate was in the 180's. Came back down and sat in the A/C (I'm actually cold now) and it was back to 105.

I also felt dizzy and kept thinking I'd pass out today (haven't yet though) or this week. This heat isn't good for me at all obviously. I'm laying on my couch with the air on full, cold and trying to relax and my hr is back to normal but I have a headache. BP appears normal now but I didn't take it when my hr was high so idk. No clue about sugar or anything or if I'm still as dizzy as I was.

I definitely feel foggy though. Could be from lack of sleep though. Fell asleep between 4 and 4:15 AM and got woke up at 9:45 AM. I feel awful. Big Daddy took the girls to the store to get a few groceries, well go later for more but I didn't feel well enough to go.

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