Saturday, July 7, 2012

Insurance Troubles

I'm so ticked today it isn't even funny. Surely part of today was a mistake. (Well yesterday, it's 1:30 AM.)

So I called up my OB/GYN since I need to get some birth control so I don't accidentally wind up pregnant on these meds I'll be starting in August. I wanted to have them in case JSmiley weaned early (cry) or for when I get my monthly. Which ever. I need a combination pill instead of the mini pill since this is my last month nursing and there isn't really a worry in diminished supply after I wean. Anyway, called them up, told the receptionist what I wanted and which pharmacy to send it to. She put a note in to my doctors nurse and in less than an hour Vicky called to tell me it'd been sent.

2 hours later I call the pharmacy to see if it was there/ready. When I tried to get on birth control in January or so Vicky sent it to the wrong pharmacy so I spent 3 days trying to figure out why she said it was ready and waiting but the pharmacy said they didn't have anything then when we figured it out, I went to that pharmacy and mine had called them and had the record sent to them and Big Daddy wasn't happy going back and forth empty handed. In the end, my old insurance wouldn't pay for the mini pill so I paid out of pocket which is fine. It was something like $25 so no big deal by itself and I quit after one month for other reasons.

But anyway, the woman who answered said it was ready but didn't say what it was or anything just "We have one." Got to the pharmacy and gave them my new card (insurance changed 7/1/12) and waited. The woman came back and said "Unfortunately, both the name brand and generic need prior authorization before they'll fill it." She also asked if I new what prior authorization is, which I do, but I was never told I'd need prior authorization for anything. I've never needed it before with my old insurance, and I've had the birth control I'm trying to get. Come again? I need prior authorization for birth control? SERIOUSLY??!!??!! Surely not. So I called my doctors office and told them. The receptionist said she'd tell Vicky/put in a note/message for her and have her call and see if there was a mistake. So even they were a little confused as to why plain birth control pills needed prior authorization. Unfortunately that was roughly 3:30 PM yesterday and no call back so I have to call on Monday. And it wasn't that the pharmacy was closed. My doctors closes at 7, it's been 8 when I got a call back before. The pharmacy closed at 9. So I'm a little mad about that.

But I was looking online at what is supposed to be the rules and things for prescriptions. They have a .pdf on what requires prior authorization in 2012 and the birth control I requested isn't on it. Nor is it on the list of limited drugs they'll cover (as in they'll only cover x amount). But viagra is. And viagra isn't on the prior authorization list. It covers 4 per month viagra. If I SERIOUSLY need prior authorization for birth control yet anyone can get 4 viagra per month with no issue, I am going to FLIP!!!

So I am going to call my OB back on Monday, maybe the pharmacy, AND my insurance. I'll be starting 3 meds in August at least. If I have to jump through these hoops all the freaking time I am not going to be happy. At all. Some prior authorizations you have to renew MONTHLY. As if I wasn't exhausted enough. Now I have to worry about whether my insurance will cover stuff I need or if I have to remember to get pre approval or whatever monthly/yearly/etc.

Why did they have to get rid of my old insurance? It was soooooooooooooooooo much easier. :/

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