Sunday, April 8, 2012


HAWMC Challenge Day 8.

Best Conversation I Had This Week:

Since I don't get too many conversations about my health other than "Are you OK?" (like yesterday I was at the baseball field with K and J for 6.5 hours, R asked if I was OK or needed drinks since it was so hot), my best conversation was about crunchy/attachment parenting. I know most people who blog about health try to be limited in what the share about their kids but my blog is MOMMY with Dysautonomia.

Anyway. I'm more of what you would call a "crunchy" mom. I breastfeed/extended nurse, bed share, baby wear, non-cry-it-out (CIO), anti-circ, against abortion, I'd LOVE a water birth, if I ever have more it'll be pain med free. AND here soon, we'll be cloth diapering! There are others who are MORE crunchy (extended rear facing, non-vaccinating, all-green, etc). I catch some flack for it from people but I don't care. It makes me mad when it happens but they should know by now it never changes my mind. I'm lucky that R is pretty open minded about my views and agrees. I wanted to cloth diaper for a while but didn't have the necessary funds at the time. So I dropped it. 1 diaper can cost as much or more than a pack of "sposies" (disposable diapers). But after you have a suitable stash. No more buying diapers (unless you want more).

Anyway, R thought they were the plain diapers from before that needed the diaper pins. I showed him pictures and he agreed with me! So probably sometime this month I'll be ordering the supplies to cloth diaper!

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