Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sleep Study rambles

So I can go ahead and add sleep study to tests taken. It was scheduled for the 28th but I got a call yesterday saying they'd had a cancellation and did I want to go ahead and do it. I went ahead and agreed. Didn't think much past an initial hesitation and said yes. If I'd thought it out I'd have freaked out and if I waited till my scheduled appointment I'd have been a bundle of nerves. I was already panicky because I'd only had 3 hours of sleep and couldn't take a nap or have any caffeine. Granted I think I've only had 2 sodas so far this month (not counting the 5 sprites - those are "no caffeine"). To top it off, I got ill (yuck) and had to lay down after to settle my stomach. Torture!

I was also nervous because R had to work today and I was panicky thinking about J who still wakes up to nurse at night. But she did fine though she stayed up till 1. I woke up at one as well. Maybe our bodies knew.

Anyway, I got there and shown to a room which, in my opinion was somewhat better than a hotel room. Hotel beds are very hard (at least the ones I've tried). This one was soft, big enough for 2, and just comfy. It also had a desk and chair, plush leather seat that rocked, I didn't try it so I don't know if it reclined. And a TV. It had medical stuff too and a camera which was bothersome. I don't like attention. I layed on the bed watching tv while the other girl got hooked up. Then it was my turn. So. Many. Wires. I felt like a robot. Anyway. I tried laying on my back but that wasn't going to happen so I layed on my left side. I woke up a few times and about midway through, switched sides. I also woke up before he came to wake me up. Got unhooked and showered. He showed me my "activity". I did have some apnea spells but it was less than 5 per hour (for 10 seconds). I had some REM sleep so I AM getting SOME deep sleep but he said something about the 3rd stage and my brain being active a lot. I won't know anything else until the doctor reviews it. Or my appointment at the end of the month. But I figured I'd write it down. I've eaten, nursed J and my back hurts so I'm laying back down.

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