Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lab work and confusion

So I'm not sure what's up with the last sentence of the previous post. I don't know if there were more words or if I just left off punctuation or if the post was too long or what. I don't remember. Oh well it appears complete. Mostly. From what I remember.

About 2.5 hours after I write it a killer migraine hit. 9:30 AM my time (remember I can't fix the time zone setting from my phone so it's off by 2 hours). Tried to sleep it off, kind of worked. Kind of being the key statement. I didn't get rid of it until about 4 AM the following day (yesterday) after I caved and took tylenol (I do not like taking meds, even tylenol) because the pain was horrible. And to make matters worse, J refuses to sleep. It's no fun suffering through a migraine and entertain an infant, let me tell you. Then by a combo of help from R and her finally sleeping, I slept over 11 hours. Still woke up tired. That's one reason I want the sleep study. No matter how much or how little I sleep, I either wake up tired or get tired again within a few hours. But ironically, I ALSO have insomnia so even if I'm tired, I just lay here.

Side note, got my blood work back yesterday. All normal. Not surprising. Dr. R irritated me a little with that. She asked how long this has been going on. I'm, since as far back as I can remember, I've had blood work since it started. If my blood work or systems were the cause that she were testing for and were normal then despite me having insomnia since a teen (at least), you'd think it'd have been abnormal then. She said my old results don't count. Sure it doesn't tell you what's happening NOW, but the problems didn't START now. It's on going. Of course she KIND OF intimidates me when she does that so I didn't think that, I just felt stupid. (See why she's not exactly my favorite....) Also, I pulled the paperwork I got out and I'm not sure why, but I know I said she wanted me back in 3 months? Either I didn't hear the receptionist correctly or she scheduled me wrong. See it was pretty confusing, I didn't know she was wanting a follow up (which may be a DUH moment but whatever). I talked to her and she said she'd schedule the sleep study and she wanted blood work. Sleep study paper handed to me along with check out paper. Got to the window, receptionist mentioned wanting me seen again and I THOUGHT she said 3 months. The date didn't register because she didn't mention the blood work and my mind strayed to that (she has a phlebotomist in office which I didn't know unlike my cardiologist but my cardiologist is in my main hospital so I was unsure what the mix up was and brought it up). Turns out, my sleep study is scheduled for a saturday, my follow up for the following monday. I have no clue why since everything I've read says it could take weeks to get the result back.

I'm also unsure of what will happen at my coming cardiology appointment. Dr. M is waiting till at least August to start me on meds (since I'm nursing) so unless Dr. K decides on more tests, what on earth can I expect? And if he doesn't voluntarily offer tests, what could I ask for. Or should I. I know I need to mention the 3 things Dr. T said he discussed but didn't (diet/weight/exercise/test result) but what else. If I didn't have that to discuss and got there for a "How is everything? Fine? Ok see you in 3 months." I'll explode. Seriously. My first ever cardiology appointment with him, I waited HOURS in the waiting room. Pfft. I got seen fairly quickly by Dr. T though so I don't know.

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