Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scheduling Mistakes

Not much new on the home front. I got my baltic amber necklace. I'm not sure how well it's working. I'm still getting head pain but nothing severe since I put it on. We'll see. I'm glad I didn't do for a small necklace, this one is fairly little on me. Well, at least in my eyes. But I can't wear turtle necks and some plain round neck t-shirts because I feel constricted so despite having a few inches, it still feels mildly constricting.

No news on the sleep study front but I am irritated at my cardiologist's office. TWICE I've told them not to put me down before 9 since I take S to school on my way and sometimes we run late because of her daddy needing to be dropped off. I SWEAR they changed my appointment twice. I've had to go into my cell phones calendar and change it twice. Last time I brushed it off thinking I'd entered it wrong (not unheard of, my electrophysiology appt is tentatively set in my phone as when I THINK it is) but I KNOW my (upcoming) cardiology appointment I SPECIFICALLY got for 9 so I wouldn't have to rush. Got the "reminder" voicemail, it now says 8:45. Again. I have no clue where my paper went but if I find it, I'm complaining. #1, I specifically said I couldn't do those times. #2, what if I hadn't checked my voicemail. I don't check my voicemail every time I get one. Firstly, it's usually someone I know personally so I just call them back. Second, where I have a messaging app on my phone, I don't get regular VM notifications. For a while I thought what I got was a spam text (because my POS phone spams me, love it). If I hadn't checked my vm (I had 5 from the past week+, that's how little I check it) I'd have shown up at or just before 9. "Late".

A friend of mine on fb said a clinic she goes to regularly does that "so people show up early". I try to always show up early. But now I'm going to be rushed and annoyed which HI, will increase my heart rate, blood pressure and dizziness. At the very least. Good job if you want me symptomatic, you'll succeed. My objective this week, FIND. THOSE. PAPERS. I'm mad. But it'll have to wait. D woke J up so now she's wrapped to my chest. I suppose I'll read/blog until I get a moment. Later.

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