Monday, April 23, 2012

Pains galore

Today is an iffy day. It's cold out so I'm already not liking it. JSmiley fought sleep until around 1 then we slept until 12ish. The 2 mile walk didn't hurt as much as I thought. I was only a little sore. Didn't do much sunday. Slept til after 10 and lounged.

It was pretty frigid today. Low 40's in the afternoon. Slept until 12 like I said earlier. Big D was supposed to have practice but that was a no go. At about 4:15 I was sitting/lounging on my couch reading/watching TV and suddenly my back started hurting really bad. Mainly between my shoulder blades along my spine. I had to pop/adjust it. It popped a LOT but still hurt and spread/radiated to my chest/breast bone area. Oh it hurt so bad. I turned over (on all fours) with my forearms braced against the arm of my couch and just rocked and moved my back. I picked up my phone trying to decide if I should call Big Daddy, text my neighbor or call EMS. Just as I was about to call Big Daddy, it quit. Not completely, when I pulled my shoulders back it still hurt and occasionally my chest would ache but it was weird. Scary too at first. It hurt so bad and I was the only adult here. Big D had gone with his cousin so it literally would have been dependent on whether I was able to use my phone in the event of an emergency. Even now I can still feel bits of it. My neighbor said it was probably just a deep radiating muscle spasm. The lingering reminds me of a particularly wicked charlie horse I had once while pregnant with either SDiva or DCourtly. I felt lingering pain for days after. It didn't feel like a muscle spasm though but that's why my neighbor said it was "deep". I don't know.

Around 5 I knew I was going to get a migraine. I had vision disturbances. That's one of my warning signs for both passing out and migraines though different. Passing out my tunnel vision is dark/grey. Migraines it kind of disappears like I have to turn my head to see. Or like today, I couldn't focus on anything directly in front of me. It was blurred. Took half the dose of OTC meds that I usually need (couldn't focus on the bottles to read the dosage). Finally I could see though the corner of my eyes felt tight. Head still hurt and I was nauseous. Tried sniffing my mint mouthwash (peppermint, the smell really helps) but that bottle is huge so I didn't do it long. Since I could see I took more meds. Finally it mostly went away. Less than 800 mg was enough that I wasn't actively in pain.

While I was still suffering though I made a leap. I wear a baltic amber necklace. JSmiley has one for teething, mine is for headaches and back pain. I took it off last night because I felt constricted and wrapped it around my ankle twice and just didn't put it back on my neck when I woke up. MAYBE it's coincidence but it's odd that the day I'm not wearing it where I need it, I have excruciating pain in those areas. Needless to say, it's back around my neck. I may order some more. Maybe one for SDiva, DCourtly and Big Daddy, maybe even Big D since he gets headaches too. SDiva and DCourtly aren't teething or currently migraine sufferers but they like how they look, and SDiva just started losing teeth with SEVERAL loose, DCourtly has a couple mildly loose but nothing definitive.

After all the pain I was still going to try to go to Big D's practice (which probably would've been a REALLY dumb move on my part) but he said his head hurt too. Even then, it got canceled LITERALLY last minute. One of the moms text me at 6:26 (practice was at 6:30) saying the middle school's team was using that field so our practice was canceled. Then the coach's wife text me at (again) LITERALLY 6:30. I'd have been super mad if I'd gone all the way there feeling like crap only to have to turn around. It took 30 minutes to go from my house to moms, Big D to get ready and go from moms to the field. It'd have taken 20-30 more to drop him off and get home.

I got Big Daddy to read another section out of the Dysautonomia handbook thing. He's going to read another tomorrow after work. If he doesn't work late maybe we can go for another walk. I need to sleep good tomorrow night because I can't nap or sleep after that till after the deprived sleep study. Blech.

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